Wetherspoons Breakfast menu and Times 2023

If you’re in the UK and looking for something different and wonderful for breakfast, try the Wetherspoons breakfast menu. Wetherspoon is a well-known restaurant in the United Kingdom. Whether you want a full English, a morning muffin, or American-style pancakes, the Wetherspoon menu is the best choice for you.

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For you, experienced chefs offer delectable vegan or vegetarian breakfasts, bacon or sausage butties, and breakfast wraps. Wetherspoons restaurant employees value their clients and strive to meet their needs. Here is the list of the most recent Wetherspoon breakfast menu prices and timetables throughout the UK.

Wetherspoon Breakfast Menu

Large breakfastTwo fried eggs, baked beans, three hash browns, two slices of toast, bacon, two sausages, mushroom, and Lurpak spreadable£5.85
Traditional breakfastFried egg, bacon, sausage, two hash browns, a slice of toast, baked beans, and Lurpak spreadable£4.45
Small breakfastBaked beans, bacon, hash brown, fried egg, and sausage£4.05
Large vegetarian breakfastTwo fried eggs, mushroom, tomato, two slices of toast, three hash browns, three Quorn sausages, baked beans, and Lurpak spreadable£5.85
Vegetarian breakfastTwo fried eggs, mushroom, tomato, a slice of toast, two hash browns, two Quorn sausages, baked beans, and Lurpak spreadable£4.45
Small vegetarian breakfastFried egg, tomato, hash brown, and Quorn sausage, baked beans£4.05
Vegan breakfastTwo Quorn sausages, two hash browns, mushroom, tomato baked beans, a slice of toast, vegan spread, baked beans, and two hash browns£4.20
Freedom breakfastTwo fried eggs, mushroom bacon, tomato, and baked beans£4.05
Eggs BenedictTwo poached eggs, English muffin, Wiltshire cured ham, Hollandaise sauce, and rocket£4.55
Mushroom BenedictTwo poached eggs, mushroom, Hollandaise sauce, English muffin, and rocket£4.55
Scrambled egg on toastThree eggs, white bloomer bread, and Country Life spreadable£3.35
Beans on toastWhite bloomer bread and Country Life spreadable£2.85
Small beans on toastWhite bloomer bread and Country Life spreadable£1.85
Two slices of toast with jam or marmaladeWhite bloomer bread and Lurpak spreadable£1.99
MOMA Porridge with banana£1.99
MOMA Porridge with honey£1.99
MOMA Porridge with banana and honey£2.29
Add two slices of black pudding (with any items)£1.00
Wetherspoon Breakfast Menu
Wetherspoon Breakfast Menu Prices UK
Wetherspoon Breakfast Menu

Breakfast Sides

Being a famous breakfast menu in the United Kingdom as well as Ireland, their breakfast menu consists of a great variety of sides. The most famous sides on their menu are Hash browns, grilled tomato, baked beans, grilled mushroom, and grilled half tomato.

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You can enjoy these sides with eggs, bacon, sausage, and toast. Here are the latest Wetherspoon breakfast sides menu prices in the UK, to know the exact prices contact your nearby restaurant outlet:

Menu ItemsPrices
Two slices of black pudding£1.00
Two rashers of bacon£1.05
Two scrambled eggs£1.20
Quorn sausage65p
Baked beans60p
Fried egg£65p
Two grilled tomato halves35p
Hash brown30p
Slice of toast, Lurpak spreadable85p
Two mushrooms60p
Wetherspoons Breakfast Sides

Wetherspoon Drinks Menu

At Wetherspoons pubs, they offer a verity of items on their drinks menu. On their drinks menu, you can enjoy their special spirits and cocktails. Here are the Wetherspoons drinks menu prices in the UK.

Menu ItemsPrices
Flat white£1.20
Black coffee£1.20
White coffee£1.20
Hot chocolate£1.20
Wetherspoons Drinks Menu

New Wetherspoons breakfast menu [Updated October 2023]

Wetherspoons UK has made a significant change to its breakfast menu that is sure to please customers. In an announcement on the company’s website, it was revealed that breakfast will now be served until 12 noon every day of the week.

The new extended breakfast hours offer customers an extra 30 minutes to order from the extensive breakfast menu, which includes classic dishes such as a full English breakfast, as well as healthy options like MOMA Porridge. The menu also features breakfast muffins and Benedicts, which are sure to satisfy a wide range of tastes.

Previously, breakfast at Wetherspoons was only available until 11:30 am, with some variation between locations. This new change means that customers will have more time to enjoy their favorite breakfast dishes, whether they’re starting their day with a hearty meal or just grabbing a quick bite.

Wetherspoons Breakfast Times in the UK

Wetherspoons Breakfast is served daily from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Wetherspoons Breakfast hours vary depending on location. Similarly, the menu varies on a regular basis, so check with your local Wetherspoon for exact hours. If you have a hectic morning, go as early as feasible. Here is the complete Wetherspoon breakfast timetable.

Breakfast Opening Time
Breakfast Closing Time
8:00 AM
11:30 AM
8:00 AM
11:30 AM
8:00 AM
11:30 AM
8:00 AM
11:30 AM
8:00 AM
11:30 AM
8:00 AM
11:30 AM
8:00 AM
11:30 AM

Although having a diverse menu, Wetherspoons maintains a breakfast service that is only available at certain times. Wetherspoons serves breakfast beginning at 8:00 a.m. Furthermore, the majority of their restaurants close for breakfast at 12:00 p.m.; others stay open later, and some are closed on weekends.

About Wetherspoon Company and its Pubs

J D Wetherspoon operates pubs in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Tim Martin created the firm in 1979, situated in Watford. It owns Lloyd’s No.1 pubs and around 50 Wetherspoon hotels. Wetherspoon is recognized for transforming unusual buildings into pubs, such as old theatres and banks.

Wetherspoon aims to provide a mass-market offering of low-cost food and drink. Every pub has a big standardized menu available all day, promoting a sense of “unpretentious excellent value.” Wetherspoons claims itself as “the only major pub chain that opens all of its pubs early in the morning” and serves breakfast and coffee. The food selection is always being updated with healthier and allergen-friendly alternatives, as well as calorie counts next to each item.

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Wetherspoons holds two Ale Festivals each year, in March/May and October when a larger number of guest ales are served in each pub, as well as a Cider Festival in the summer. The corporation claims to be the country’s largest investor in craft beer. Wetherspoons claimed that the VAT rates on food sales in pubs and restaurants in the United Kingdom are higher than those paid by supermarkets. 

This article discusses the Wetherspoons Breakfast Menu, Prices, and opening and closing Hours. I made every effort to collect and publish all of the information regarding the Wetherspoons Breakfast Menu And Prices. I hope you find it informative and that it will help you choose the finest one for you. For additional information, go to the Wetherspoons Breakfast website. Thank you for reading through the full post.

Wetherspoons Restaurant
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What Time Does Wetherspoons stop serving breakfast?

Wetherspoons stops serving breakfast at 11:30 am. They start at 8 am and finish at 11:30 am. While Wetherspoon’s all-day breakfast menu stops at 11:30 am.

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