Chaiiwala Menu prices UK 2023

Tea or Chai has the great power to bring people together, Chai Wala aims to unite the community by offering delicious tea on its menu. In Chaiiwala cafes, every cup of Chai represents their brand Chaiiwala. If you want to enjoy traditional food and Karak Chai in the United Kingdom, we highly recommend you visit their restaurant, don’t forget to check out the Pret a Manager menu. Here you will find the latest Chaiiwala Menu prices in the UK in 2023.

Chaiiwala is an Indian-style cafe in the UK where that offers a wide range of traditional as well as modern dishes including Chaat, Curries, and biryani as well as verities of coffees and teas. You can also enjoy vegetarian options on their menu at a reasonable price. If you like Indian-style food I will highly recommend you check Chaiiwala UK Menu:

Chaiiwala Summer Promo Menu

Menu itemsPrices
Frozen Strawberry Lemonade£4.95
Mango Popping Passion£4.95
Strawberry Limbu Pani£3.50
Blue Limbu Pani£3.50
Chaiiwala Summer Promo

Chaiiwala Pasties

Menu itemsPrices
Cheese & Jalapeno Pasty£2.70
Chicken Tikka Pasty£2.80
Chicken Sausage Roll£2.70
Chaiiwala Pasties

Chaiiwala All Day Breakfast

Menu itemsPrices
Desi Breakfast£8.50
Omelette Wrap£3.80
Bun Omelette£3.60
Halwa Puri£5.40
Aloo Paratha£3.25
English-ish Breakfast£9.50
Chaiiwala All Day Breakfast

Chaiiwala Street Food

Menu itemsPrices
Samosa Burger£3.85
Aloo Tikki Burger£3.85
Masala Chips£3.50
Karachi Bun Kabab£4.50
Chicken Tikka Naan£5.10
Samosa Chaat£5.10
Kebab Roll£4.50
Chilli Chip Butty£5.05
Veg Kebab Roll£4.50
Pav Bhaji£4.80
Mogo Chips£4.50
Chilli Paneer£6.40
Samosa Cone£4.50
Butter Chicken Roll£3.70
Pani Puri£5.75
Keema & Roti£7.00
Keema & Paratha£7.00
Loaded Chips£7.00
Gunpowder Masala Chips£3.50
Chaiiwala Street Food

Chaiiwala Roti

Menu items
Classic Paratha£1.55
Classic Roti£1.30
Tareli Roti£2.35
Cream Cheese Paratha£3.20
Grilled Cheese Naan£3.20
Chaiiwala Roti

Chaiiwala Desserts

Menu itemsPrices
Karak Coffee Cake£5.75
Pink Chaii Cake£5.75
Nutella Wrap£3.20
Lotus Biscoff Wrap£3.20
Gulab Jamun£4.80
Gajar Halwa£4.80
Gulab Jamun Cheesecake£4.95
Chocolate Chaii Mousse£4.95
Gulab Jamun Sundae£7.00
Gajar Halwa Sundae£7.00
Carrot Halwa Cake£4.95
Kunafa Cheesecake£4.95
Chaiiwala Desserts

Chaiiwala Ice Cream

Menu itemsPrices
One Scoop£1.95
Two ScoopsChaiiwala Ice Cream£2.60
Chaiiwala Ice Cream

Chaiiwala Hot Drinks

Menu itemsPrices
Karak Chaii£2.90
Karak Chaii Sugar Free£2.90
Karak Coffee£2.90
Pink Chaii£3.35
Garam Chocolate£2.90
Chaii Latte£2.90
English Tea£2.50
Caramel Chaii£3.55
Cinnamon Tea£2.50
Mint Tea£2.50
Chaiiwala Hot Drinks

Chaiiwala Cold Drinks Menu

Menu itemsPrices
Mango Falooda£4.95
Rose Falooda£4.95
Lemon Iced Chaii£3.70
Iced Karak Chaii£3.70
Iced Karak Coffee£3.70
Limbu Pani£2.90
Coca Cola (Bottle)£2.60
Diet Coke (Bottle)£2.60
Water (Bottle)£1.95
Ginger Ale (Bottle)£2.60
Fruit Shoots£1.95
J20 Orange and Passionfruit£2.60
J20 Apple and Mango£2.60
J20 Apple & Raspberry£2.60
Karak Coffee Frappe£4.95
Karak Chaii Frappe£4.95
Pink Chaii Frappe£4.95
Chaiiwala Cold Drinks Menu

Chaiiwala Extra’s

Menu itemsPrices
Parle G£1.60
Belgian Milk Chocolate Caramel Shortbread£1.95
Raspberry & Coconut Slice£1.90
Zesty Fruity Granola Bar£1.90
Chaiiwala Extra’s

Chaiiwala Kids Menu

Menu itemsPrices
Chicken Tikka Bites & Chips£5.75
Pizza Paratha & Chips£5.10
Chaiiwala Kids

New Chai Wala Menu UK [Updated October 2023]

When we talk about Halal Food and drinks in the UK, Chaiiwala is one of the best of them in the united kingdom. Since its beginning, Chai Wala has been championed in its field by working on its aim to welcome every member of society with an open arm. They always update their menu to compete with Dragon house menu People always enjoy the Chai Wala Menu because of its regularly updated menu. 

Chaiwala keeps its menu updated by introducing new food items to its menu to bring its customers back. Here are the latest images of the New Chaiiwala menu in UK: 

Best Chaiiwala Menu Items 

Chaiiwala is the best choice in the UK if you want to start your day with a desi breakfast or you want to enjoy tea time. On their menu, you can find out both hot and cold drinks like Karak Chai, falooda, hot chocolate, and much more.

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Another thing which attracts people is that you will get all the food items at a reasonable price just under £5. Here are some most famous and delicious items on their menu which we recommend you taste.

Chaiiwala Karak Chai

The drink which makes their restaurant most famous not just in the UK but also all over the world is their Karak Chai. It’s not an English drink but Karak Chai with cinnamon has a great scent and its taste is just perfect, you must try this drink at the end of your meal. If it’s just near your house or workplace then you can never miss this delicious drink in your day.

Chaiiwala Karak Chai
Karak Chai

Chaiiwala Desi Breakfast

Desi Breakfast is one of the most famous menus in Chaiiwala restaurant. It included a masala omelet, masala beans, and 2 classic Rotis with Karak chai. You can also enjoy your breakfast with their traditional Daal, one of the best combinations which make your breakfast most memorable.

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Chaiiwala Desi Breakfast
Chaiiwala Desi Breakfast

Bombay Sandwich

If you want to enjoy something spicy for under £5, then we will highly recommend you to taste Chaiiwala Bombay Sandwich. It’s just a soft as well as a warm sandwich which is filled with potato, chutney, and coriander-mint which give a special taste and flavor. You will really enjoy this food item on the Chai Wala menu.

Chaiiwala Bombay Sandwich
Bombay Sandwich

Chocolate Chai Mousse

Those who visit Chaiiwala restaurants shouldn’t miss their dessert. One of the best choices for their dessert is Chocolate Chai Mousse. Also, Halwa Cheesecake is the best option which is highly recommended by their waiters. For a chocolate lover, Chai MOusse is the best choice which you shouldn’t miss. 

Chocolate Chai Mousse
Chocolate Chai Mousse

About ChaiWala

Chaiiwala is about 100 years old traditional brand that was founded in New Delhi in 1927. They start their journey with founder forefather members, the original owner of this recipe, who have a small tea stall.

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Karak Chai is one of the most famous drinks in their restaurant which makes them famous among the community. Now the restaurant star in the street of New Delhi has more than 500 stores in the world, their first international store outside the UK was in Toronto and Canada. While just in the UK they have more than 50 outlets where you can enjoy their Karak Chai and other famous items.

Chaiiwala Restaurant London
Chaiiwala Restaurant London

Chaiiwala UK Delivery Locations

Chaiiwala has more than 50 delivery locations in the UK from where you can enjoy their delicious food items. Here is the list of all Chai Wala outlets in the UK:

Chaiiwala® Walthamstow
London · 020 8521 0203
⋅ Opens 9AM

Chaiiwala Kingsbury
London · 020 8075 0221
⋅ Opens 9AM

Chaiiwala Tooting
London · 020 8772 7777
⋅ Opens 9AM

Chaiiwala® Soho Road
Birmingham · 0121 554 5060
⋅ Opens 9AM

Chaiiwala Green Street
London · In Msa Apartments · 020 8470 6494
⋅ Opens 9AM

⋅ Opens 8AM

chaiiwala® Ealing
London · 020 8076 3018
⋅ Opens 8AM

chaiiwala® Southall
Southall · 020 3198 6368
⋅ Opens 8AM

chaiiwala® Bethnal Green
London · 020 7729 3925
⋅ Opens 8AM

chaiiwala® Knightsbridge
London · Near Victoria and Albert Museum · 020 3007 2977
⋅ Opens 9AM

chaiiwala® Stoke
Stoke-on-Trent · 01782 498749
⋅ Opens 9AM

chaiiwala® Stratford Road
Birmingham · 0121 716 4172
⋅ Opens 9AM

chaiiwala® Ladypool Road
Birmingham · 0121 449 0100
⋅ Opens 9AM

chaiiwala®️ Ilford Lane
Ilford · 020 8478 1664
⋅ Opens 9AM

chaiiwala® Manchester

chaiiwala® Manchester
Manchester · 0161 546 5400
⋅ Opens 8AM

Chaiiwala Gants Hill
Ilford · 020 8518 2761
⋅ Opens 9AM

Chaiiwala® Coventry Road
Birmingham · 0121 389 5000
⋅ Opens 9AM

Chaiiwala®️ Acton
London · 020 3457 9877

chaiiwala® Stockport Road
Manchester · 0161 989 5323
⋅ Opens 8AM

chaiiwala® Dundee

chaiiwala® One Stop
Birmingham · In One Stop Shopping · 0121 827 5765
⋅ Opens 9AM

Chaiiwala® Oxford
Oxford · 01865 548977
⋅ Opens 8AM

Chaiiwala Greenford
Greenford · 020 3915 5353
⋅ Opens 9AM

chaiiwala® Evington Road
Leicester · 0116 215 4246
⋅ Opens 9:30AM

chaiiwala® East Park Road
Leicester · 0116 296 9976
⋅ Opens 9AM

Chaiiwala® Reading
Reading · 0118 304 8982
⋅ Opens 8AM

chaiiwala® Foleshill Road
Coventry · 024 7767 1770
⋅ Opens 9AM

chaiiwala® Newcastle
Newcastle upon Tyne · 0191 691 0388
⋅ Opens 9AM

Leicester · 0116 429 1926
⋅ Opens 9AM

Peterborough · 01733 686920
⋅ Opens 8AM

chaiiwala® Slough
Slough · 01753 572889
⋅ Opens 8AM

Luton · In Hatters Way Retail Park · 01582 325456
⋅ Opens 8AM

Chaiiwala® Great Horton Road
Bradford · 01274 507918
⋅ Opens 9AM

chaiiwala® Bolton
Bolton · 01204 371419
⋅ Opens 9AM

chaiiwala® Dudley
Dudley · 01384 880522
⋅ Opens 9AM

Chaiiwala® Derby
Derby · In Rosehill · 01332 233872
⋅ Opens 9AM

chaiiwala®️ Batley
Batley · 01924 568165
⋅ Opens 9AM

chaiiwala® Fosse Park
Leicester · In the Fosse Shopping Park · 0116 482 7525
⋅ Opens 8AM

chaiiwala® Granby Street
Leicester · 0116 296 6725
⋅ Opens 9:30AM

For more Detailed Information must visit Chaiiwala’s official website.

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