ASK Italian menu and prices 2022

ASK Italian Menu offers classics with a twist, such as sprinkling a touch of purple basil pesto on spaghetti or topping a delicious dessert with additional sauce. It usually starts with an ingredient, a tradition, or a favourite dish from Italy. Here you will get the latest ASK Italian Menu Prices in the UK:


Menu ItemsPrices
Bundle for 2£29.95
Food for 4 bundle£59.00

Starters & Sides

Menu ItemsPrices
NEW Trio of Arancini (V)£7.25
Chicken Lecca lecca£7.25
Antipasti Classico£14.75
Butterfly King Prawns£7.95
Chips (V)£3.95
Double Chips (V)£5.95
Zucchini Fritti (V)£3.95
N’Duja & Cheese Dough Bites£7.50
Folded Garlic Bread (V)£5.75
Folded Garlic Bread with Mozzarella (V)£6.75
Rosemary and Olive Oil Bread£5.75


Menu ItemsPrices
Prima Pizza Primavera Forever£15.75
Prima Pizza Salami Misti£14.75
Prima From Calabria, with Love£15.75
NEW Prima Pizza No’duja Vegana (VG)£14.50
Classic Verdure Pizza (V)£12.50
New Classic Pollo E Pancetta£13.50
Classic Margherita Pizza (V)£10.75
Classic Stromboli Pizza£12.50
NEW Calzone Mushroom & Truffle (V)£14.50
Calzone Carne Piccante£14.75
Calzone Aubergine & Goats Cheese£13.50
Calzone Pollo£13.95


Menu ItemsPrices
Beef Brisket Pappardelle£14.50
Linguine Carbonara£12.75
Fettuccine Bolognese£12.50
Pasta Fresca King Prawn & Crayfish Frilly Tagliatelle£15.75
Pasta Fresca Asparagus & Pancetta Carbonara Frilly Tagliatelle£14.75
Pollo Della Casa£14.25
Spaghetti al Pomodoro (V)£10.75
Manzo Piccante£14.25
Spaghetti Bolognese£12.50
Vegan Spaghetti Lentil Ragu Pasta (VG)Unavailable
Linguine con Frutti di Mare£14.95
Lasagne Grande£16.25
Pasta Fresca Purple Pesto Genovese Frilly Tagliatelle (V)£13.95


Menu ItemsPrices
Insalata Di Pollo E Pancetta£13.95
Vegan Insalata Di Capra£13.95
Insalata Di Capra£13.95

Speciality Mains

Menu ItemsPrices
Pollo Milanese with Potatoes£15.75
Pollo Milanese with Chips£15.75


Menu ItemsPrices
Chocolate Gnocchi£6.25
New Sicilian Lemon Tart£5.95
New Biscoff Cheesecake£6.50
NEW Tiramisu (V)£6.50


Menu ItemsPrices
NEW Vegan Lecca Lecca (VG)£7.25
NEW Vegan No’duja Dough Bites (VG)£7.50
Vegan Roasted Potatoes (VG)£3.95
Vegan Spaghetti Pomodoro Pasta (VG)£10.75
Vegan Spaghetti Lentil Ragu Pasta (VG)Unavailable
NEW Vegan Margherita Pizza (VG)£10.75
New Vegan Folded Garlic Bread (VG)£5.75
NEW Prima Pizza No’duja Vegana (VG)£14.50
New Vegan Folded Garlic Bread with Mozzarisella (VG)£6.75


Menu ItemsPrices
Little Loops in Tomato Sauce (V)£3.95
Margherita Pizza (V)£3.95
Spaghetti Bolognese£3.95
Spaghetti Carbonara£3.95

Non-Gluten Pizza

Menu ItemsPrices
Non-Gluten Margherita (V)£10.75
Non-Gluten Stromboli Pizza£12.50
NEW Non-Gluten Vegan Margherita Pizza (VG)£10.75
Non-Gluten Verdure Pizza (V)£12.50
NEW Non-Gluten Vegan No’Duja Vegana Pizza (VG)£12.75

Non-Gluten Pasta

Menu ItemsPrices
Non-gluten Al Pomodoro (V) Pasta£10.75
Non-gluten Frutti di Mare Pasta£14.95
Non-gluten Carbonara Pasta£12.75
Non-Gluten Fettuccine Bolognese Pasta£12.50
Non-Gluten Vegan Lentil Ragu Pasta (VG)Unavailable


Menu ItemsPrices
San Pellegrino Limonata (Lemon) – 330ml£1.95
San Pellegrino Aranciata Rossa (Blood Orange) – 330 ml£1.95
New – Dash Peach Sparkling Water – 330ml£3.25
Coca Cola – 330ml Glass Bottle£2.05
Coke Zero – 330ml Glass Bottle£1.95
Diet Coke – 330ml Glass Bottle£1.95
Sprite – 330ml Glass Bottle£1.95
Ginger Beer£2.25

ASK Italian updated menu UK 2022

ASK Italian will not tyre you because their menu is constantly updated. They always respond to their consumer’s needs, and researchers offer new flavours to their menu to keep them coming back. You’ll be pleased to know that ASK Italian just added some new varieties to its menu.

The food at ASK is as broad as the guests that visit it. From fantastic Italian classics to gluten-free pizzas and vegan options that even meat eaters like. Italy’s impact extends above Extra Virgin Olive Oil and fresh tomatoes. Like the Italians, they add a few strong and lively touches.

It’s all part of the process of producing life-affirming moments at the table that elevate customers’ spirits and lighten their stress.

Here are some fresh images of the latest ASK Italian menu with prices and price information.

ASK Italian Calories Menu

Here you will find a set of tables mentioning all ASK Italian calories menu. Below is a colour-coded system based on the Recommended Daily Allowance of macronutrients.  

Famous ASK Italian Menu Items

Every restaurant, as you are aware, has a few menu items that are widely known to its customers. ASK Italian is well-known among Italian food lovers because of its excellent and well-known Italian cuisine.

Also, check out the latest Mooboo Bubble tea menu UK.

If you need assistance deciding on ASK Italian’s extensive menu, give us a call or request a suggestion from your local ASK Restaurant Chain. We have compiled a list of some of the famous ASK menu items available in the UK; scroll down and have a look.

Antipasti Classico

Antipasti Classico is a well-known Italian dish included on the ASK Italian menu. It is usually served at room temperature and has a variety of tastes, textures, and colours that stimulate the senses and make you eager for the main meal.

The platter includes a variety of meats and shellfish, cheeses with varying textures, and many marinated and pickled vegetables.

ASK Italian Antipasti Classico
Antipasti Classico


A calzone is a folded pizza that can be baked or fried. It is normally shaped like a half-moon and packed with cheese and sometimes veggies, meat, and/or sauce. On the side, it is frequently served with marinara or pizza sauce.

The primary distinction between a pizza and a calzone is that a pizza is served on flat open bread, whereas a calzone is a closed dough dish with comparable toppings. Unlike calzones, pizza needs no introduction. It is recognised and consumed in practically every country on the planet.

ASK Italian Calzone

Story Behind ASK Restaurant

ASK, often known as ASK Italian, is a British casual dining restaurant brand with 120 branches in the United Kingdom that serves Italian food.

The chain, founded in 1993 by brothers Adam and Samuel Kaye and floated on AIM in 1995, was the subject of a public-to-private agreement in 2004, which resulted in it being merged with Pizza Express to form Gondola Holdings, which later became part of the Gondola Group, and was acquired for £250 million by Bridgepoint Capital in February 2015.

Zizzi and ASK are operated by the UK’s most famous “Azzurri Group” casual dining businesses. The name might be interpreted as the initials of the founders or as an abbreviation for “Authentic Sicilian Kitchen.” The chain’s original name was ASK, but it was relaunched as ASK Italian in 2010.

ASK Italian Restaurant
ASK Italian Restaurant

ASK Italian Delivery Locations

ASK Italian has more than 20 outlets in the United Kingdom from where you can enjoy their Italian food dishes. Here is the list of all ASK Italian delivery locations:

ASK Italian
Epsom, United Kingdom · +44 1372 579093
Closed ⋅ Opens 11:30AM

ASK Italian
Edinburgh, United Kingdom · +44 131 241 1048
Closed ⋅ Opens 11:30AM

ASK Italian
Warrington, United Kingdom · In Golden Square Shopping Centre · +44 1925 382626
Delivery: 11:30AM–9PM

ASK Italian
Abingdon, United Kingdom · +44 1235 529699
Temporarily closed

ASK Italian
Colchester, United Kingdom · +44 1206 366379
Closed ⋅ Opens 11:30AM

ASK Italian
Chichester, United Kingdom · +44 1243 775040
Closed ⋅ Opens 11:30AM

ASK Italian
Glasgow, United Kingdom · +44 141 261 0322
Closed ⋅ Opens 11:30AM

ASK Italian
Horsham, United Kingdom · +44 1403 451106
Closed ⋅ Opens 11:30AM

ASK Italian
York, United Kingdom · Near the Yorkshire Museum · +44 1904 637254
Closed ⋅ Opens 11:30AM

ASK Italian
Aberdeen, United Kingdom · In the Union Square Aberdeen · +44 1224 465447
Closed ⋅ Opens 11:30AM

ASK Italian
London, United Kingdom · In Icon Outlet at The O2 · +44 20 3802 5510
Closed ⋅ Opens 11:30AM

ASK Italian
Twickenham, United Kingdom · +44 20 3802 6766
Temporarily closed

ASK Italian
Norwich, United Kingdom · In Chapelfield · +44 1603 393305
Closed ⋅ Opens 11:30AM

ASK Italian
Wells, United Kingdom · Near Wells Cathedral · +44 1749 428250
Closed ⋅ Opens 11:30AM

ASK Italian
Worcester, United Kingdom · In Cathedral Square · +44 1905 22730
Closed ⋅ Opens 11:30AM

ASK Italian
Southend-on-Sea, United Kingdom · +44 1702 433974
Closed ⋅ Opens 11:30AM

ASK Italian
Brighton, United Kingdom · +44 1273 918376
Closed ⋅ Opens 11:30AM

ASK Italian
London, United Kingdom · In Westfield Stratford City · +44 20 8536 0921
Closed ⋅ Opens 11:30AM

ASK Italian
Cheltenham, United Kingdom · +44 1242 510888
Closed ⋅ Opens 11:30AM

ASK Italian
Basingstoke, United Kingdom · In Festival Place · +44 1256 212628
Closed ⋅ Opens 11:30AM

FAQs About ASK Restaurant

Why is ASK restaurant called aSK?

It can be construed either as an acronym for “Authentic Sicilian Kitchen” or as the founders’ initials.

Are Zizzi and ASK are same company?

Zizzi and ASK are operated by the UK’s most famous “Azzurri Group” casual dining businesses. They operate two most famous Italian brands, Zizzi Italian and ASK Italian.

Does ASK Italian have Kids menu?

Yes, ASK Italian serves a kid’s menu which includes top-up pizza & top ice creams. Their kid’s menu is fun authentic and delicious.

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