Burger king UK breakfast Menu Prices 2023

You should be aware of the Burger King breakfast UK menu, if you’re in the UK and want to eat something wonderful before going to work. Any of their six sandwich options should be ordered, coupled with a side dish like hash browns. Even better, you can start the day off right with their coffee and orange juice.

Burger King Breakfast Menu [Updated October 2023]

If you are a late riser, you may also benefit from a Burger King breakfast buffet. For breakfast, the restaurant often opens up very early, enabling you to take your time and enjoy your meal. Have a look at the latest Burger king breakfast Menu and pricing in the UK.

Menu ItemsPrices
Hash Browns£1.09
Mini Pancakes & Syrup£1.49
Breakfast King4.29
Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich3.29
Sausage Butty1.49
Hash Browns (Regular/Large)1.09
Quaker Porridge0.99
Bacon and Egg Sandwich1.99
Sausage and Egg Sandwich1.99
Bacon Butty1.49
Bacon, Egg & Cheese Butty£3.49
Bacon Butty£2.99
Egg & Cheese Butty£2.99
Sausage, Egg & Cheese Butty£3.49
Breakfast in Bread£4.49
Sausage Butty£2.99
Big Beefy£5.49
Burger King Breakfast Menu

Check out the latest Burger King Menu in the UK.

Bacon Butty

Bacon Butty is one of the popular breakfast items on the Burger King breakfast menu in the UK. One of the most popular sandwiches in the history of the UK has to be the bacon butty. With your choice of sauce, fluffy white bread is topped with bacon that is still sizzling (brown). It’s tough to surpass.

By no means are bacon butties considered gourmet food. However, they are so well-liked in the UK that Prince Harry prepared a bacon butties-filled survivor’s breakfast the morning following Prince William and Kate Middleton’s nuptials, serving the meaty delicacy to groggy guests at dawn. They are just like us, the royals!

Burger king breakfast Menu | Bacon Butty
Bacon Butty

French Toast

French Toast is something delicious that you should taste on Burger king’s breakfast menu in the UK. Despite how great French toast may be, it is typically not an option to consume it while on the run. But when it’s in stick form, it’s an entirely different scenario.

Therefore, the next time you’re wanting this traditional breakfast item before work, think about ordering some of Burger King’s delicious French toast sticks!

These French toast sticks have a crunchy, fried outside but a mushy, chewy inside.

They are actually rather excellent on their own, but if you don’t mind a sugar rush, they also come with a cup of maple syrup dipping sauce.

This ranks among the top breakfast options on the Burger King breakfast menu overall. Although the French toast sticks are delicious on their own, you probably won’t want to share them.

Burger king breakfast Menu item French Toast
French Toast

Breakfast Burrito Jr.

The best option for breakfast when you’re pressed for time is a breakfast burrito. The Breakfast Burrito Jr. from Burger King is a delicious option the next time you go there for breakfast.

This soft flour tortilla-wrapped burrito is filled with scrambled eggs, sausage, melted American cheese, crispy hash browns, and a drizzle of their house-made spicy sauce.

You will have precisely the right amount of protein and carbs to fuel your day.

The Jr. in the name belies the size of this burrito, which will fill you up. However, if you’re very hungry in the mornings, you should think about the Egg-normous burrito.

Did you find the Breakfast Burrito Jr. to be too little for you? Even the strongest desires for breakfast will be satisfied by the Egg-normous Burrito.

Everything found in the smaller version of this burrito scrambled eggs, hash potatoes, sausage, spicy sauce, and American cheese is also included in the larger version.

Breakfast Burrito Jr. Burger king breakfast Menu items
Breakfast Burrito Jr.

Hash browns

Hash browns are a must-have on any fast food breakfast menu. Burger King’s hash browns are undoubtedly one of their best breakfast options, whether you eat them by themselves or as a side dish.

The outside of these hash browns is crispy and golden brown, and the center is mushy and potato-like.

On Burger King Breakfast Menu they deliver their hash browns in bite-sized chunks, in contrast to many eateries that serve them whole. They are ideal for sharing with a buddy because of this!

Hash browns from Burger King are delicious on their own, but they also taste excellent when you ketchup them.

Burger king breakfast Hash browns
Hash browns

FAQs About Burger King Restaurant

Does Burger King do breakfast?

On Burger King’s breakfast menu, you can get their delicious and quick breakfast items for everyone, including hash browns, chocolate milk for the kids, and English muffins.

What is the new breakfast sandwich at burger king?

Their new French toast breakfast sandwich contains a choice of bacon, ham or sausage, fluffy eggs, melted American cheese, and a butter maple spread served on a pair of sweet, golden brown French Toast slices.

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