Black Rooster Menu Prices in the UK 2023

Black Rooster menu items are handcrafted from high, quality ingredients and cooked and grilled perfectly in-store. From the famous Black Rooster wings to a variety of burgers, burritos, and quesadillas. Here you will find all of the information about the Black Rooster UK menu, pricing, and popular products.

Take a look at the most recent Black Rooster menu and prices:

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Menu itemsPrices
Chicken Burrito Meal£9.70
Mozzarella Sticks£3.80
Peri Fries£3.00
Onion Rings£3.50
Chicken Burger Meal£9.20


Menu itemsPrices
Chicken Burger£6.70
Chicken Burger Meal£9.20
Double Chicken Burger£9.70
Double Chicken Burger Meal£12.20
Halloumi Burger (v)£6.70
Halloumi Burger (v) Meal£9.20


Menu itemsPrices
1/2 Chicken£10.30
1/2 Chicken Meal£12.80
1/4 Chicken£6.70
1/4 Chicken Meal£9.20
Whole Chicken£15.00
Whole Chicken Meal£17.50
Butterfly Chicken£6.70
Butterfly Chicken Meal£9.20
Double Butterfly Chicken£10.90
Double Butterfly Chicken Meal£13.40
Chicken & Rice£8.20
Chicken and Rice Meal£10.70


Menu itemsPrices
Panner Wrap£6.70
Paneer Wrap Meal£9.20
Tortilla Wrap£6.70
Tortilla Wrap Meal£9.20
Panini Meal£9.20


Menu itemsPrices
Crispy Strips x 5£6.70
Crispy Strips x 5 Meal£9.20
Chicken Strips x 5£6.70
Chicken Strips x 5 Meal£9.20
Chicken Strips x 10£10.90
Chicken Strips x 10 Meal£13.40
Chicken Wings x 5£6.70
Chicken Wings x 5 Meal£9.20
Chicken Wings x 10£10.90
Chicken Wings x 10 Meal£13.40


Menu itemsPrices
Toasted Pitta£6.70
Toasted Pitta Meal£9.20
Flat Bread£7.00
Flat Bread Meal£9.50
Double Chicken Pitta£9.70
Double Chicken Pitta Meal£12.20


Menu itemsPrices
Chicken Burrito£7.20
Chicken Burrito Meal£9.70
Chicken Quesadilla£6.70
Chicken Quesadilla Meal£9.20


Menu itemsPrices
Crispy Salad£3.80
Tender Strip Salad£7.70
Crispy Feta Salad£6.50


Menu itemsPrices
Single Platter£22.90
Mixed Platter£33.00
Mega Platter£55.00
Strips Platter x 12£22.90
Wings Platter x 16£22.90


Menu itemsPrices
Kids Popcorn Chicken£3.80
Kids Popcorn Chicken Meal£7.20
Kids Chicken Wrap£4.00
Kids Chicken Wrap Meal£7.20
Kids Chicken Burger£3.80
Kids Chicken Burger Meal£7.20
Kids 3 x Battered Chicken Strips£3.80
Kids 3 x Battered Chicken Strips Meal£7.20
Kids 6 x Nuggets£3.80
Kids 6 x Nuggets Meal£7.20


Menu itemsPrices
Peri Fries£3.00
Curly Fries£3.50
Peri Curly Fries£4.10
Peri Wedges£4.10
Sweet Potato Fries£3.50
Peri Sweet Fries£4.10
Sweet Potato Mash£3.80
Halloumi Fries£4.50
Onion Rings£3.50
Mozzarella Sticks£3.80
Chilli Cheese Bites£3.80
Jalapeno Balls£3.80
Rooster Balls£4.50
Tortilla Jalapeno£3.80
Corn On the Cob£3.00
Mac & Cheese Bites£3.80


Menu itemsPrices
Peri Mayo Dip£0.60
Lemon & Herb Dip£0.60
Lemon & Herb Tub£1.50
Mango & Lime Tub£1.50
BBQ Dip£0.60
BBQ Tub£1.50
Gralic Mayo Dip£0.60
Mayo Dip£0.60
Sweet Chilli Dip£0.60
Inferno Dip£0.60
Extra Mild Tub£1.50
Mild Tub£1.50
Hot Tub£1.50
Extra Hot Tub£1.50
Peri Salt Tub£1.50
Salsa Tub£1.50


Menu itemsPrices
Slice of Cake£4.00
Ice Cream£2.80


Menu itemsPrices
Irn Bru£1.75
Bottled Water£1.40
Blackcurrant Fruit Shoot£1.40
Orange Fruit Shoot£1.40
Strawberry Fruit Shoot£1.40
Apple Fruit Shoot£1.40

Black Rooster Updated Menu and prices [Updated October 2023]

Black Rooster is always striving to provide the finest for its clients, and its researchers are always introducing new flavors to its menu in order to keep its customers coming back.

You’ll be pleased to know that Black Rooster just added several new varieties to its menu. Here are some fresh images of Black Rooster’s updated menu and price information.

Black Rooster Updated Menu
Black Rooster Updated Menu

Black Rooster’s famous items

Every restaurant, as you know, has a few menu items that are highly regarded among its customers. How Black Rooster is well-known among chicken fans owing to a variety of well-known and delectable chicken dishes. Here are some of the top Black Rooster menus available in the UK.

If you’d like assistance choosing from Black Rooster’s extensive and delectable menu. Request a recommendation from your local Black Rooster restaurant, or scroll down to see our list of the Most Famous Foods.

Peri Curly fries

Peri Curly fries are one of the most well-known fries on the menu at Black Rooster in the United Kingdom.

The primary components are ground coriander, smoked paprika, salt, ground cardamom, garlic powder, ground ginger, onion powder, paprika, dried oregano, dried parsley, ground nutmeg, and cayenne pepper. To produce this wonderful spice mix, combine all of the spice powders.

Don’t miss out on this wonderful treat. Get some peri curly fries from your local Black rooster eatery.

Black Rooster Peri Curly fries
Peri Curly fries

Chicken Burrito

Chicken Burrito has now become one of the famous and favorite items for chicken lovers from the Black Rooster Menu.

The Chicken Burrito is the Ideal on-the-go meal, made with chicken breast, rice, refried beans, cheddar cheese, and spices, wrapped in a flour tortilla, and frozen until needed!

Burritos are absolutely tasty and crave-worthy, and we love them so much because they include all of our favorite Mexican flavors.

Their distinct Peri Peri flavor is derived from a number of secret ingredients that set them apart from the competition, and genuine chefs spend hours perfecting the flavors and aromas of each and every item on the menu to ensure that clients enjoy it.

There’s something for everyone at Black Rooster Menu, whether you like it mild or hot and spicy. They even provide kid’s dishes and lighter alternatives lrurike salads as well as rice bowls, so you can get a taste of true Peri Peri flavor whether you’re searching for a fast lunch or a family feast.

Black Rooster is a well-known restaurant brand in all over the UK.

Black Rooster Chicken Burrito
Chicken Burrito

Black Rooster Delivery Locations

Black Rooster has 14 outlets in the UK from where you can enjoy their delicious food items. Here is the list of all Black Rooster Delivery locations in the UK:

Black Rooster Possilpark
18/20 Balmore Road, Possilpark, Glasgow, G22 6RN
0141 336 3668

Great Western Road
645 Great Western Road
G12 8RE
Open today 12-10pm (last orders 9.30pm)
0141 286 4846

Black Rooster Govan
250 Drumoyne Road, Govan, Glasgow, G51 4BH
Open today 12-10pm (last orders 9.30pm)
0141 882 9553

Black Rooster Duke Street
636 Duke Street, Glasgow , G31 1JY
Open today 12-10pm (last orders 9.30pm)
0141 261 5702

Black Rooster Pollokshaws
677-681 Pollokshaws Road, Glasgow, G41 2AB
Open today 12-10pm (last orders 9.30pm)
0141 423 7553

Black Rooster Paisley
28 High Street, Paisley, PA1 2BZ
Open today 12-10pm (last orders 9.30pm)
0141 887 7473

Black Rooster Dumbarton
Dumbarton Road
G82 2TN
Open today 12-10pm (last orders 9.30pm)
01389 717633

Black Rooster Cumbernauld
8 St Maurice’s Gate
G68 9FW
Open today 12-10pm (last orders 9.30pm)

Black Rooster Coatbridge
244 Whifflet Street, Coatbridge, ML5 4RX
Open today 12-10pm (last orders 9.30pm)
01236 428647

Black Rooster East Kilbride
3 The Boardwalk
East Kilbride
G75 0YW
Open today 12-10pm (last orders 9.30pm)
01355 226676 / 01355 571216

Black Rooster Stirling
45 Borestone Crescent
Open today 12-10pm (last orders 9.30pm)

Black Rooster Greenock
7-19 West Blackhall Street
PA15 1UA
Open today 12-10pm (last orders 9.30pm)
01475 723 161

Black Rooster Dunfermline
Unit 2 106-114 Hospital Hill
KY11 3AU
Open today 12-10pm (last orders 9.30pm)
01383 724879

Black Rooster Edinburgh – Newington
Edinburgh – Newington
74-78 South Clerk Street
Open today 12-10pm (last orders 9.30pm)
0131 662 0253

Black Rooster Dumfries
94-98 English Street
Open today 12-10pm (last orders 9.30pm)
01387 453812

Black Rooster Barnsley
66 Market Street
S70 1SN
Open today 12-10pm (last orders 9.30pm)
01226 901 338

Black Rooster Carrigaline
Main Street Carrigaline Cork P43 PT66
Open today 12pm-10pm (last orders 9.30pm)
00 353 21 201 8796

What is the price range of Black Rooster Menu in the UK?

The price range for menu items at Black Rooster in the UK is typically between £7 and £15.

Are there any vegetarian or vegan options on the Black Rooster menu?

Yes, Black Rooster offers a range of vegetarian and vegan options on its menu, including the Vegan Black Rooster Burger, which is priced at £9.50.

Does Black Rooster offer any meal deals or specials?

Yes, Black Rooster occasionally offers meal deals and specials, which may include discounts or free items. These deals are usually advertised on the Black Rooster website or social media pages.

Can I view the Black Rooster menu and prices online?

Yes, you can view the Black Rooster menu and prices online by visiting Our Website or by searching for the menu on third-party food ordering websites. Note that prices and menu items may vary by location.

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