German Doner Kebab Menu Prices In The UK

Here you will find all the information about the German Doner Kebab menu and prices served in the UK. German Doner Kebab is the best-known International Kebab chain not just in the UK but all over the world. This restaurant offers a range of Mains, Nibbles, Doner Boxes, Sides, Junior Meal Deals, Extra Toppings, Signature Sauce Dips, Soft Drinks and Premium Beverages on their menu in the Uk.

Full of taste and Quality Menu of German Doner Kebab with Prices in the UK are given below.


Menu itemsPrices
Chicken Spring Roll£3.49
Beef Spring Roll£3.49
One of Each Spring Roll£3.49
Chicken Spring Roll – 6 Pack£7.99
Beef Spring Roll – 6 Pack£7.99
Mix Spring Roll – 3 of Each£7.99
Chilli Cheese Bites£3.99


Menu itemsPrices
Boss Box Doner Kebabfrom £13.99
Boss Box Veggie Kebabfrom £13.99
Boss Box Wrapfrom £13.99
Boss Box KCal Kebabfrom £13.99
Boss Box Doner Quesadillafrom £13.99

The Boss Box

Menu itemsPrices
Doner Nachosfrom £6.00
Doner Quesadillafrom £6.00
Doner Burgerfrom £6.00
Veggie Burger£5.00
Doner Panini£5.00

Doner 2.0

Menu itemsPrices
Doner Nachosfrom £6.00
Doner Quesadillafrom £6.00
Doner Burgerfrom £6.00
Veggie Burger£5.00
Doner Panini£5.00

Doner Boxes

Menu itemsPrices
Doner Box Friesfrom £7.99
Doner Box Fries & Saladfrom £7.99
Doner Box Fries & Cheesefrom £7.99
Doner Gym Boxfrom £6.99


Menu itemsPrices
Flaming FriesMenu items£2.99
Plain Fries£2.49
French topped with Melted Nacho Cheese Sauce£2.99
Curry Fries£2.99


Menu itemsPrices
Garlic Signature Sauce£0.20
Yogurt Signature Sauce£0.20
Spicy Signature Sauce£0.20
3 Sauce Set£0.50
Melted Cheese Sauce£0.60

Soft Drinks

Menu itemsPrices
Coke Can£1.99
Coke Zero Can£1.99
Diet Coke Can£1.99
Fanta Can£1.99
Sprite Can£1.99
Still Water£2.49
Sparkling Water£2.49
Ribena Strawberry£1.49
Ribena Blackcurrant£1.49

Premium Beverages

Menu itemsPrices
Red Bull£2.99
Folkington Orange juice£2.99
Folkington Mango Juice£2.99
Folkington Pink Lemonade juice£2.99
Aloe Vera£2.99

German Doner Kebab Updated Menu 2022

Like every International brand, German doner kebab introduced a new menu with products priced at £5 or less for clients looking for quick-service alternatives at “affordable” costs.

Doner Nachos are priced at £5, Doner Quesadillas are priced at £5, Doner Burger is priced at £5, Veggie Burger is priced at £4, Doner Panini is priced at £4, and Doner Gym Box is priced at £5 on the Doner 2.0 menu.

According to the company, all new items on the Doner 2.0 menu may be ordered for delivery, takeout, or dining in any location.

Here are some glimpses of German Doner’s latest Menu with prices offered in the UK recently:-

Doner wrap

The doner wrap, also known as doner kebab, is a popular item on the German Doner kebab menu. It is a Turkish dish made of layers of yoghurt-spiced marinated meats, which can be lamb, turkey, chicken, beef, or a combination of meats.

The meats are grilled for hours on a slowly rotating, vertical stick in front of a rotisserie. The flesh self-bastes in its own seasoned fat and fluids as it cooks, producing lusciously moist, aromatic meat with exquisitely crisp and caramelized exterior edges.

The doner wrap is thinly sliced off the spit to order and served with lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, cucumbers, and either chilli sauce or garlic yoghurt sauce on a plate or on a flatbread.

German Doner Kebab Doner wrap
Doner wrap

Boss box

The Boss Box is an exclusive product for delivery and Click and Collect that was created and introduced during the lockdown. It brings an immersive brand experience into the homes of customers around the UK.

A choice of GDK’s Original German Doner Kebab, KCal Kebab, Durum or Lahmacun Wrap, delivered with a side of fries, a side of Doner Spring Rolls or Chilli Cheese Bites, three distinctive sauces, and a drink are all included in the Boss box, which costs £12.99.

Boss box

About German Doner Kebab

The German Doner Kebab is changing how kebabs are made all over the world! Over 100 restaurants in the UK, Europe, North America, and the Middle East serve its game-changing gourmet kebabs, and they are only getting started!

German Doner Kebab founded its first location in Berlin in 1989, and over the next ten years, it worked to refine its operations, policies, a special combination of premium ingredients, and cutting-edge cooking techniques.

German Doner kebabs are produced only in Doner Kebab restaurants with premium ingredients. The secret sauces that differentiate their products distinct from those of their competitors give them their delicious flavours.

Lean,  pure chicken fillets and succulent beef are used in German doner kebabs. To preserve quality and consistency, these meats are imported straight from Germany. Only locally grown, fresh veggies are used in this restaurant’s distinctive “Doner Kebab” bread, which is supplied and made every day. Due to this, “Doner Kebab” offers consumers a totally distinctive deliciousness.

German Doner Kebab
German Doner Kebab

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