Taco bell menu UK And Prices 2023

Taco Bell is the most famous fast-food restaurant company in the United Kingdom because of its product innovation. They have many famous menu items in their journey, among which chicken quesadillas and tacos are famous in the Taco Bell Menu UK 2023. They specialize in making crunch wrap supreme, quesarito, soft tacos, bean burritos, and Mexican pizza.

If You are a pizza lover, you have to check out Franco Manca’s Menu also we are sure you will like it. In the late-night fast-food industry, Taco Bell is considered a late-night restaurant because it’s usually open until 2 AM or later. Since it is open until late and its menu prices are very low, it is considered a good “drunk food”.

Taco Bell Prices UK (October 2023)

Please note that Taco Bell menu prices may vary by location in the UK. For the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information, we suggest visiting your nearest Taco Bell restaurant But don’t worry our team has compiled the latest Taco Bell UK menu prices for 2023:

Taco bell Picked for you

Menu ItemsPrices
Crispy Chicken Soft Taco£2.99
Churros + Caramel Sauce£2.99
Crispy Chicken Burrito£6.59
Crunchwrap Supreme£5.99
Taco bell Picked for you

Taco bell Meals

Menu ItemsPrices
Crunchwrap Supreme Meal£7.49
Volcano Burrito Meal£7.29
2 Taco Supreme Meal£6.99
Quesadilla Meal£7.49
Crispy Chicken Burrito Meal£7.99
Chalupa Supreme Meal£7.69
Taco bell Meals

Taco bell Tacos

Menu ItemsPrices
Crunchy Taco£1.99
Soft Taco£1.99
Crunchy Taco Supreme£2.99
Soft Taco Supreme£2.99
Crispy Chicken Soft Taco£2.99
Taco bell Tacos

Taco bell Desserts

Menu ItemsPrices
Cinnamon Twists£1.49
Churros + Caramel Sauce£2.99
Caramel Sauce£0.99
Taco bell Desserts

Taco bell Sides

Menu ItemsPrices
Regular Seasoned Fries with Nacho Cheese Sauce£1.99
Large Seasoned Fries with Nacho Cheese Sauce£3.49
Nachos with Nacho Cheese Sauce£1.99
Two Crispy Chicken Strips£3.99
Three Crispy Chicken Strips with Nacho Cheese Sauce£4.99
Five Crispy Chicken Strips and Nacho Cheese Sauce (Serves 2)£6.99
Black Beans£1.99
Seasoned Rice£1.99
Sour Cream£0.99
Nacho Cheese Sauce£0.99
Caramel Sauce£0.99
Taco bell Sides

Taco bell Drinks

Menu ItemsPrices
Pepsi Max 330ml£2.29
Pepsi 330ml£2.29
Diet Pepsi 330ml£2.29
Tango Orange 330ml£2.29
7UP Free 330ml£2.29
Pepsi Max 500ML£2.99
Diet Pepsi 500ML£2.99
7UP Free 500ML£2.99
Mountain. Dew 500ml£3.49
Bottled Water£2.49
Pepsi Max 1.5L£4.99
Taco bell Drinks

New Taco Bell menu and prices (Updated October 2023)

Taco Bell updated their menus according to customers’ tastes and brought something different to the high street for customers, creating an experience and relationships that go beyond the food. They serve more than two million customers each year in the UK.
At the end of May 2023, Taco Bell restaurants launched new items like double-decker tacos and Enchirito on its menu. Their updated menu items are beefy mini quesadillas, chips & salsa, chipotle chicken loaded griller, cool ranch, double tostada, power menu burrito and Mexican pizza. Here is a list of New Taco Bell menu and prices:

Taco Bell Updated Menu
Taco Bell Updated Menu

Cantina-style Menu came back to the Taco Bell

Taco Bell has brought back an old favorite menu item with a new name – the “Cantina-Style” menu. The Cantina line of food items, including burritos, bowls, and tacos, was originally introduced in 2012 but was removed in 2019. The return of the Cantina-style menu items is due to popular demand from Taco Bell fans.

The term “Cantina” is used to reflect the fast-paced and lively environment of Taco Bell restaurants. The new menu items also reflect a focus on technology and innovation, with features like self-serve kiosks and digital menu boards.

Overall, the Cantina-style menu is a combination of old favorites and new options, sure to please Taco Bell fans and those looking for something different.

Chicken Quesadillas

Chicken Quesadillas are one of the best Taco Bell best items. They have a usable but pricey dish. Chicken quesadillas are the best combination of meat, cheese, and jalapeno ranch goop. It’s quick, cheesy, and full of flavour.

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Chicken quesadillas are an excellent dish for any occasion. Flour tortilla wraps, chicken breasts, fajita seasonings, pepper, cheese, white onion, tsp olive oil, and oil spray are the ingredients used to make chicken quesadillas. Taco Bell’s chicken quesadillas are almost £4.19.

Taco Bell crunchwrap supreme

Crunchwrap supreme is one of the best dishes in the UK and is the reason Taco Bell has become a well-known restaurant in the country. In 2005, Taco Bell introduced crunchwrap supreme to their menu. Taco Bell’s dish is very tasty, spicy, and delicious. Also, check out the latest Morrisons Cafe menu.

It is not an expensive dish, costing nearly £5.32. Ground beef, packed taco seasoning mix, water, nacho cheese, burrito-size flour, tostada shells, sour cream, diced tomato, and Mexican cheese blend cooking spray are used to make a delicious and tasty crunchwrap supreme.

Taco Bell crunchwrap supreme
Taco Bell crunchwrap supreme

Taco Bell Tacos

Taco Bell Tacos are America’s favourite Mexican fast food at Taco Bell restaurants. It’s one of the most popular items, with nearly two million sold each year and one of the best options for customers at Taco Bell.

They always prepare Tacos with fresh and healthy ingredients including lean ground chuck, tsp corn flour, tsp chilli powder, tsp onion powder, tsp garlic powder, tsp seasoning salt, paprika, tsp cumin, garlic salt, tsp sugar, beef bouillon, taco shells, minced onion, shredded cheddar cheese, head shredded lettuce, and diced roma tomatoes. Taco Bell charges £4.49 for tacos.

Taco Bell Tacos
Taco Bell Tacos

Taco Bell Burrito

While checking Taco Bell Menu prices for 2023, the burrito is one of the most well-known dishes on the Taco Bell restaurant menu. Their customers must order the burrito supreme due to its deliciousness. In a year, nearly 1.5 million burritos are sold. They use only the best ingredients to create such spicy, tasty, and delicious dishes. Burritos are made with seasoned beef, cheese, reduced-fat flour cream, tomatoes, onions, red sauce, lettuce, and beans.

Taco Bell Burrito
Taco Bell Burrito

History of Taco Bell UK

Taco Bell was opened in 1962 and founded by a former US Marine, Marina Glen Bell, in Downey, California. The world’s largest restaurant company, opened its first outlet in 2010 in the UK. There are almost 115 restaurant stores in the UK. England has the most Taco Bell stores in the UK, which is almost 85% of all the Taco Bell stores in the U.K. They are ranked #143 in the global top 1000 brands. Taco Bell menu items prices are between £1- £35.

Taco Bell Restaurant uk
Taco Bell

Taco Bell Outlets in the UK

Taco Bell has more than 100 outlets in the UK from where you can enjoy your late-night food meals. Here is the list of all Halal Taco Bell restaurant locations in the UK:

Bradford Broadway Shopping Centre – Food Court, Bradford, BD11US
Ingleby House – Ingleby Road, Bradford, BD8 9AP
178 Argyle Street, Glasgow, G28BT
Bankwood Way Centre 27 Business Park, Birstall,
Leeds, WF17 9TB
8 Gallowtree Gate, Leicester LE1 1DA
Baker Street – 187 Baker Street, London NW1 6UY
Colindale – 130 Colindale Avenue, Colindale NW94AX
Edgware Road – 346 – 348 Edgware Road
London W2 1EA
Harrow – 362 Station Road, Harrow, London HA1 2DE
Holloway – 382 Holloway Rd, London N7 6PN
Hounslow – 217 High Street, Hounslow, TW3 1DH
Shepherds Bush – 64 Uxbridge Road, Shepherds Bush, London, W12 8LP
Stratford – Unit 10 Stratford Shopping Centre
London E15 1XL
Wembley – 332 High Road, Wembley, London, HA9 6AZ
Wimbledon – 2 The Broadway, Wimbledon, London SW19 1RF
Wood Green – 1 Gladstone Ave,
Wood Green, London N22 6JS
Nene Park, Sixfields Northampton NN5 4EG
Sycamore Road, Eastwood Trading Estate, Rotherham S631EN
Broughton Lane, Sheffield S92DD
19-21 Chertsey Road, Woking GU215AB
Taco Bell UK Restaurant Locations


What are the most popular items on the Taco Bell UK menu?

The most popular items on the Taco Bell UK menu include the Cheesy Gordita Crunch, Nacho Cheese Doritos Locos Tacos, and Crunchwrap Supreme.

Does Taco Bell UK serve breakfast?

No, Taco Bell UK does not currently serve breakfast items, but they offer a wide range of lunch and dinner options.

Is the food in Taco Bell UK halal?

Yes, some of the menu items at Taco Bell UK are certified halal and are clearly labeled on the menu. Customers can also ask for a list of halal items at the counter.

Is Taco Bell’s menu different in the UK compared to the US?

Yes, Taco Bell’s menu in the UK is slightly different from the US menu, with some regional and cultural variations.

Contact Information

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