t4 Menu With Prices UK 2023

T4 connects people over a cup of tea and is a well-known tea brand not just in the UK but all over the world. In the UK, T4 Menu offers a large selection of egg waffles, milk tea with toppings, special milk tea, cream crown, flower & fruit drinks, and Taiwan classics. Here, we provide you with the latest T4 menu with prices in the UK:

t4 Cream Crown

Menu itemsPrices
Crown Chocolate£4.70
Crown Double Green£4.90
Crown Earl Grey Tea£4.70
Crown Green Tea£4.70
Crown Jadeite Royal Tea£4.70
Crown Oolong Tea£4.70
t4 Cream Crown

t4 Egg Waffle

Menu itemsPrices
Macha Waffle£4.50
Original Waffle£4.00
t4 Egg Waffle

Flower & Fruit Drink at t4 Menu

Menu itemsPrices
Elegant Rose Royal Tea£4.40
Grapefruit Royal Tea£4.40
Grapes Aloe£4.40
Honey Aloe£4.40
Honey Peach Royal Tea£4.40
Lemon Royal Tea£4.40
Lychee Black Tea£4.40
Mango Royal Tea£4.40
Ophelia Rose Aloe£4.40
Passion Fruit Royal Tea£4.40
Peach Double Green£4.60
Strawberry Tea£4.40
t4 Flower & Fruit Drink

t4 fresh Taro Milk Tea

Menu itemsPrices
Made with Fresh Taro Chuck inside the drink£5.60
Taro Bobo Milk Tea£5.80
t4 Fresh Taro Milk Tea

t4 Milk Tea with Toppings

Menu itemsPrices
Caramel Pearl Milk Tea£5.00
Crystal Milk Tea£4.60
French Pudding Milk Tea£4.60
Grass Jelly Milk Tea£4.60
Milk Tea with Coconut Jelly£4.60
Milk Tea with Coffee Jelly£4.60
Oreo Potted Milk Tea£4.60
Panda Milk Tea£4.60
Pearl Milk Tea£4.60
QQ Style Milk Tea£4.60
Red Bean Almond Tea£5.10
Red Bean Milk Tea£4.60
t4 Milk Tea with Toppings

t4 Smoothie & Milkshake

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Menu itemsPrices
Almond Milkshake with Pearl£5.50
Chocolate Smoothie£5.00
Fresh Taro Milkshake£5.80
Lemon & Aloe Smoothie£5.00
Lychee & Aloe Smoothie£5.00
Oreo Potted Milkshake£5.00
Passion Fruit Smoothie£5.00
Red Bean Milkshake£5.00
Strawberry Milkshake£5.00
Taro Milkshake£5.00
t4 Smoothie & Milkshake

t4 Snacks

Menu itemsPrices
Fried Chicken Popcorns£5.30
Fried Chicken Steaks£5.50
Fried Squid Rings£5.30
t4 Snacks

Special Milk Tea at t4 Menu

Menu itemsPrices
Earl Grey Milk Tea£4.40
Jadeite Royal Milk Tea£4.40
Jasmine Green Milk Tea£4.40
Roasted Oolong Milk Tea£4.40
t4 Special Milk Tea

Taro Milk Tea

Menu itemsPrices
Ballet Chocolate Milk Tea£4.60
Classic Rose Milk Tea£4.60
Kyoto Green Tea Latte£4.60
Silky Smooth Taro drink, T4 Classic.£4.60
White Almond Tea£4.60
t4 Taro Milk Tea

t4 Taiwan Classic

Menu itemsPrices
Earl Grey Tea£3.40
House Grass Jelly£4.10
Jadeite Royal Tea£3.40
Jasmine Green Tea£3.40
Roasted Oolong Tea£3.40
Winter Melon£3.40
Winter Melon Lemon£4.10
Winter Melon Milk Tea£4.10
t4 Taiwan Classic

New T4 Menu and prices [Updated October 2023]

T4 always work and its researchers always introduce new taste in their menu to bring their customers back. You will be glad to know that Recently T4 introduce some new Flavours to their menu including Perilla plum green tea, Natural pulp, Peppermint milk tea, and Elegant lady rose tea.

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You must review the most recent T4 menu and prices before visiting T4 in the UK. Whole leaves, never tea bags or powder, are used to make T4 tea, which is made using the finest tea leaves.

New T4 Updated Menu
New T4 Updated Menu

Perilla plum green tea

T4 actively collaborates with growers and employs age-old knowledge and methods to brew the greatest perilla plums.

Prior to being refined through several brewing stages, perilla plums taste fresh.

When native people visit overseas, they are pleased to experience the sweetness of home and to smell the jasmine green tea.

Famous T4 Menu items

As we know each restaurant has menu items that have become recognizable to its customers. Similarly, T4 is well known among tea drinkers because of several well-known and delectable Drinks Here, we include some of the most famous T4 Menu items available in the UK.

Let us provide a hand if you’re having trouble making a pick from T4’s extensive, delectable menu. Ask your nearest T4 Chain for a recommendation, or read out our list of the top drinks below.

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Panda Milk Tea

T4 panda milk Tea is one of the famous items on the T4 Menu, Similar to bubble tea or boba tea, T4 panda milk tea is a tea-based drink. Tapioca is referred to as a panda. Black or green tea, as well as a sizable amount of sweetened condensed milk, is used to make the tea. It frequently comes with tapioca pearls and sometimes includes additional ingredients like fruit.

Drinks like panda milk tea, which have their roots in Taiwan, are widely consumed across Asia. Black tea, milk, and sweetened condensed milk are used to make it. The panda’s black and white coloring inspired the name.

T4 Panda Milk Tea
Panda Milk Tea

Earl Grey Milk Tea

Earl Grey Milk Tea is sweet, creamy, and calming in addition to being delicious. A tasty beverage that is sold at T4 Menu. Consumers enjoy milk tea, which also happens to be one of their favorite drinks and Earl Grey tea. The bergamot and orange flavors of this well-known tea are heavily infused in this Earl Grey milk tea. However, this boba tea does more than that. It is sweet and creamy and may be served either warm or cold.

T4 Earl Grey Milk Tea
Earl Grey Milk Tea

Elegant Lady Royal Tea

sold almost a million cups! The most popular item on T4 Menu is Elegant Lady Rose Tea which is praised and coveted all around Taiwan. It took a whole year of research and development to produce the unique rose nectar. With 360 hours of age, it takes more than a thousand roses to extract just 1cc of the essence.

To enhance the flavor of this delicate, gentle, and aromatic Jadeite Royal Tea, T4 adds real rose petals. the taste of delightful richness.

T4 Elegant Lady Royal Tea
Elegant Lady Royal Tea

Jasmine Green Milk Tea

For many years, boba connoisseurs have made jasmine milk tea their preferred bubble tea taste. One of the earliest floral teas to become popular as a different flavor from the traditional beverage snack was this one.

Jasmine Green Milk Tea is really one of the most popular flavors at T4 Menu, a well-known bubble tea chain. This delicious drink quickly gained admirers due to its delicate scent and creamy character.

T4 Jasmine Green Milk Tea
Jasmine Green Milk Tea

Lychee Black Tea with Aloe

One distinct kind of T4 menu perfumed teas is lychee black tea. This black tea is flavored with actual lychee fruit by roasting lychees alongside tea leaves. A lychee tree produces lychees, which are little fruits with white meat and pink skin.

Lychee is consumed raw and peels readily. It is a native of the province of Guangdong and is also grown in other Asian nations. However, the tea only has pure black tea leaves with a pleasant, fruity lychee flavor and no fruit chunks. Lychee, which has a sweet, tropical flavor, enhances the flavor of rich Chinese black tea beautifully.

T4 Lychee Black Tea with Aloe
Lychee Black Tea with Aloe

T4 Restaurants Outlets in uK

T4 has more than 10 delivery locations in the UK from where you can enjoy their delicious drinks. Here is the list of all T4 Restaurants Outlets in UK:

T4 (Tea For You)
(885) · ££ · Bubble Tea
London · In Westfield Stratford City

(675) · Bubble Tea
London · In the Westfield London

T4 Ealing
(60) · Bubble Tea

T4 Birmingham
(120) · Bubble Tea

T4 Bubble Tea
(50) · Bubble Tea

T4 Canary Wharf
(205) · ££ · Cafe
London · In Canary Wharf Shopping Centre

T4 Liverpool Street
(213) · Bubble Tea
London · Near the Old Spitalfields Market

T4 Croydon
(190) · Bubble Tea
Croydon · In Centrale

T4 Bournemouth
(70) · Bubble Tea

T4 Portobello
(58) · Bubble Tea
London · Near Portobello Road Market

T4 Kingston
(177) · Bubble Tea
Kingston upon Thames

T4 (Tea For U) Coventry
(97) · Bubble Tea Coventry

T4 Bubble Tea Brighton
(74) · Bubble Tea Brighton

T4 Paddington
(40) · Bubble Tea London
In Peninsula Apartments

T4 Bubble Tea
(96) · ££ · Bubble Tea Guildford

T4 – Tea for U
(111) · Cafe Colchester

T4 York
(56) · Bubble Tea York
Near York’s Chocolate Story

T4 Camden Town – Taiwanese Bubble Tea
(33) · Bubble Tea London

T4 Liverpool
(42) · Bubble Tea
Liverpool · In Liverpool Central Station Outlets

T4 Strand
(26) · Bubble Tea London
Near Somerset House

(75) · Bubble Tea Bristol
In Bristol Shopping Quarter

Sutton T4 Ltd
(37) · Bubble Tea Sutton

T4 Cambridge
(71) · Bubble Tea Cambridge

(213) · Bubble Tea Nottingham

(33) · Motor vehicle dealer Leeds

T4 Bubble Tea
(136) · Cafe Glasgow

T4 Tubs Hot Tub Hire
(8) · Hot Tub Shop Barnsley

T 4 Design
(23) · Glass merchant Mansfield

T4 Cameras Ltd
(32) · Camera shop Witney

T4 Cameras
(49) · Camera shop Swindon

(23) · Car dealer Weston-super-Mare

For more detailed information must visit Beefeater’s official website.

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