Shakeaway Menu and prices 2023 in the UK

The Shakeaway menu is one of the world’s largest milkshake menus in the world. It’s also one of the most famous milkshake bars in the UK. They specialize in making milkshakes of different flavors, coffee flavors, hot chocolate, hot drinks, and special flavors.

Unfortunately, you will not find the shakeaway UK menu list on their official website. But don’t worry here on this shakeaway price list, you will find out UK best Shakeaway in the UK. The Shakeaway menu prices for 2023 are listed below:

Shakeaway Classic Shakes (20oz)

Menu ItemsPrices
Classic Shakes (20oz)

Ranch Style Shakes (20oz)

Menu ItemsPrices
Reese’s Peanut Butter£5.25
Strawberry Cheesecake£5.25
Ferrero Rocher£5.25
Hershey’s Cookies & Creme£5.25
Ranch Style Shakes (20oz)

Fully Loaded Shakes (20oz)

Menu ItemsPrices
Cookie Chocaholic£6.95
Biscoff & Salted Caramel£6.95
Peanut Brownie Shake£6.95
Fully Loaded Shakes (20oz)

Ben & Jerry’s

Menu ItemsPrices
Ben & Jerrys’ Cookie Dough 465ml£5.45
Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food 465ml£5.45
Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie 465ml£5.45
Ben & Jerry’s Baked Alaska 465ml£5.45
Ben & Jerry’s

Limited Edition Shakes (20oz)

Menu ItemsPrices
Mini Egg Bar£0.00
Milkybar White Chocolate£5.25
Twix Salted Caramel£5.25
Limited Edition Shakes (20oz)

Shakeaway Drinks

Menu ItemsPrices
Coca-Cola Zero Sugar 330ml Can£1.00
Sprite 330ml Can£1.00
Shakeaway Drinks

New Shakeaway menu [Updated October 2023]

Shakeaway is best known because of its updated new menu items like Dave milkshake which is one of the world’s best milkshakes. They have a lot of new menu items for customers to try something unique and special in the UK.

They have many delicious new autumns shakes made up of 100% fat-free frozen yogurt. Their updated menu items are fruity Halloween sweet, spooky Skye, strawberry milkshake, vanilla, Shakeaway café special, chocolate muffins, sweets, cake pops, sour apple,  raspberry banana, and espresso. Here is a list of the latest Shakeaway menu items and prices: 

Shakeaway milkshakes 

Shakeaway menu in the UK is best known because of their delicious, yummy and tasty milkshakes. Anything with or without ice cream is called a milkshake in the United Kingdom. Shakeaway milkshakes have many flavors. They have almost 180 different types of milkshakes flavor and all the shakes are handmade. That’s why people want to join a shakeaway milkshake bar to drink delicious and tasty milkshakes.

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All the milkshakes are healthy because they are made with pure milk and other best ingredients. Shakeaway’ s best milkshakes are strawberry milkshake, chocolate milkshake, vanilla, mint echocolate chip, cherry blueberry and Dave milkshake. 

Shakeaway Milkshakes 
Shakeaway Milkshakes 

Shakeaway Calories Menu

To get exact and specific information about Shakeaway calorie menu items must visit their official website. It may vary depending on the ingredients which they used to prepare their menu items. On their website they will mention their standard recipe calories which may vary if you customize your menu item.

All the nutrition information for shakeaway menu items change over time. To get more accurate and up-to date information must contact restaurant team. Here is the Shakeaway menu calorie or nutrition facts on the basis of their standard recipe:

Menu ItemsCaloriesCarbsFatProtein
Raspberry Milkshake3810g0g0g
Kit Kat Chunky5500g0gog
Choc Cherry926g2g15g
Chocolate Orange/Bourbon Biscuits19544g17g4g
Fro Yo and Nutella – Regular11011g12g10g
Parma Violet Milkshake6000g0g0g
Choc + Banana Whey Protein947g2g15g
Shakeaway calorie menu

Dave milkshake 

Dave milkshake is one of the most popular milkshakes of Shakeaway. It is very delicious, tasty and has 160 calories. It is the most ordered at shakeaway because people in the UK love it so much. The ingredients used to make Dave shakeaway milkshake are vanilla ice cream, ½  cup M&M’S, ¼ cup whole milk, whipped cream, for garnish and M&M’s, for garnish. 

Shakeaway Dave Milkshake 
Dave milkshake 

Vanilla milkshake 

Vanilla, the world’s best milkshake is a smooth, creamy and tasty concoction of vanilla ice cream , milk and whipped cream. It is one of the most usable milkshakes of a shakeaway restaurant. The classic vanilla milkshake is very easy to make with simple three ingredients such as milk, vanilla ice cream and vanilla extract. It is very healthy and delicious because it has 572 calories. 

Shakeaway Vanilla Milkshake 
Vanilla milkshake 

Strawberry milkshake

Strawberry milkshakes flavour is one of the best milkshake from shakeaway menu. It is one of the most delicious, tasty and yummy milkshake and it is loved by all the people of the world. It is made up of fresh milk and like other fresh ingredients.

Strawberry milkshakes are best for health because it contains vitamin C and a high source of potassium and magnesium. Strawberry flavor milkshakes are sweet, delicious and cooling treat no doubt a best drink in summer. The ingredients used to make a yummy, tasty and delicious strawberry milkshake are 225g strawberry, 300ml cold milk, 3 large scoops vanilla ice cream and extra strawberries to serve. 

Shakeaway Strawberry Milkshake
Strawberry milkshake

About Shakeaway Menu UK 

Shakeaway Café was founded by Peter Dicken and Stephen Jensen in 2010. Now it has become a world’s largest and world leading profitable milkshake company. At the end of September there are 30 Shakeaway stores at the UK.

England has the most number of Shakeaway stores in the UK, with 29 stores which is about 97% of all Shakeaway stores in the United kingdom. They have a menu price range from high price menu item to low price item and price item varies between £0.49 – £4.75.

YouTube video
Shakeaway UK Restaurant

Shakeaway Locations in the UK

Shakeaway have more than 30 locations in the UK from where you can enjoy their delicious drinks. In England Shakeaway have 29 stores. Here is the list of all Shakeaway outlets in the UK:

Trowbridge25 The Shires Shopping CentreTrowbridgeEngland01225 755666
Poole11 Falkland Square Dolphin Shopping CentrePooleEngland01202 682137
Bournemouth7 Post Office RoadBournemouthEngland01202 310105
Brighton8 Bond StreetBrightonEngland01273 731547
Bristol8 The ArcadeBristolEngland0117 922 0446
Belfast, IrelandShakeaway Unit 7b Castle Court Shopping Centre Royal AvenueBelfastNorthern Ireland
Colchester23 Sir Isaacs Walk Town CentreColchesterEngland01206 710258
Coventry10 Smithford WayCoventryEngland024 7590 1901
DurhamShakeaway Unit 4 North RoadDurhamEngland0191 386 5111
Bath3 Beau StreetBathEngland01225 466200
Shakeaway Locations in the UK

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