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Discover a culinary haven at Novikov, a renowned restaurant in the heart of London, offering an exceptional dining experience that seamlessly blends Asian and Italian cuisines. As you explore the Novikov Menu UK, prepare to be tantalized by a fusion of flavors and an array of gastronomic delights. With its impeccable reputation and a menu designed to satisfy the most discerning palates, Novikov Menu UK is a true feast for the senses. Are you a Pizza lover? you have to try Franco Manca Menu UK we are sure you will like it.

From exquisite sushi and sashimi to delectable pasta dishes, Novikov Menu UK promises an unforgettable culinary journey that will leave you craving for more. Indulge in the finest cuisine and immerse yourself in the opulent ambiance of Novikov as you embark on an extraordinary dining adventure. We have compiled a list of the latest Novikove Menu Prices in the UK scroll down and have a look:-


Menu ItemsPrices


Menu ItemsPrices
Tuna O-Toro Sashimi£22.00
Tuna O-Toro Nigiri£22.00
Tuna Chu-Toro Sashimi£17.00
Tuna Chu-Toro Nigiri£17.00
Tuna Akame Sashimi£14.00
Tuna Akame Nigiri£14.00
Salmon Sashimi£13.00
Salmon Nigiri£13.00
Hamachi Sashimi£16.00
Hamachi Nigiri£16.00


Menu ItemsPrices
Hamachi Yuzu Truffle Maki£23.00
Scallop Jalapeno Maki£23.00
Prawn Tempura Avocado Maki£20.00
Tuna Avocado Maki£18.00
Crispy Salmon Cheese Maki£17.00
Cucumber Avocado Maki V£12.00
Duck Maki & Foie Gras£20.00


Menu ItemsPrices
Hamachi Carpaccio£29.00
Scallop Truffle£23.00
Yellowtail Coriander£17.00


Menu ItemsPrices
Novikov Duck Salad£28.00
Green Leaf Truffle Salad£15.00
King Crab Avocado Salad£26.00


Menu ItemsPrices
Rock Shrimp£19.00
Duck Spring Rolls£13.00
Padron Peppers V£10.00
Edamame V£8.00
Spicy Edamame£9.00


Menu ItemsPrices
Seasonal Vegetable and Mixed Leaf Salad V£18.00
Seabass Carpaccio£22.00
Beef Carpaccio£25.00
Octopus & potato salad with French beans, olives & capers£30.00
King Crab Salad with Avocado & Datterino Tomatoes£60.00
Novikov Classic Parmigiana£28.00
Spanish Bellota Ham “5J” & Tomato Bruschetta (60 gr)£30.00
Fried Baby Calamari, Espellette Peppers & Tartar Sauce£25.00


Menu ItemsPrices
Tagliatelle with Wagyu Beef & Bolognese Sauce£32.00
Linguine with Lobster£56.00
Risotto with Seasonal Asparagus & Black Truffle V£34.00
Tagliolini with slow cooked Tomato from Gragnano & Garlic V£21.00
Cacio e Pepe: Tagliolini with Pecorino Cheese & Crushed Black Pepper£22.00


Menu ItemsPrices
Corn Fed Chicken with Honey & Mustard£31.00
Grass fed Rib-Eye Steak£53.00
Wood Roasted Suckling Pig£60.00
Wood Roasted Kid Goat, Carasau Bread and Dried Cherry Tomatoes£60.00


Menu ItemsPrices
Spinach Sauteed with Butter£9.00
French Beans£9.00
Roasted Potatoes£9.00
French fries with Truffle Mayonnaise£15.00


Menu ItemsPrices
Pecking Duck with Pancakes£72.00
Peking Duck with Pancakes & Caviar£165.00
Roast Truffle Duck£40.00
Half Roast Duck£35.00


Menu ItemsPrices
Sweet & Sour Chicken£23.00
Sweet & Sour Prawns£27.00
Chicken with Black Bean Sauce£23.00


Menu ItemsPrices
King Crab Leg Gratinated With Wasabi Cream£85.00
Miso Black Cod£45.00
Miso Baby Chicken£26.00
Salmon Teriyaki£25.00
Lamb Cutlets£40.00
Grilled Corn Cob£12.00
Singapore Noodles£17.00
Vegetarian Singapore Noodles V£15.00
Prawn Fried Rice£15.00
Duck Fried Rice£15.00
Egg Fried Rice V£14.00
Hazelnut Profiteroles with Vanilla Sauce£14.00
Valrhona Milk Chocolate Fondant£13.00
Classic Italian Tiramisu£12.00

Novikov New menu (Updated October 2023)

As was already said, Novikov is a well-known fast-food establishment in the UK. In order to ensure that its customers like their food and keep coming back, Novikov always thinks about its customers and often introduces new flavors and dishes to its menu.

Here are some latest pictures of the tantalizing new Novikov menu, along with the UK menu’s current price.

Novikov menu’s famous items

As you are aware, every restaurant has a few menu items that are well-known to its patrons. Novikov is well-known among Russian cuisine lovers due to its wide selection of well-known and delectable steaks. Here is a list of some of the best Novikov menus in the UK. If you need assistance selecting from Novikov’s broad, mouthwatering menu, give us a call. Ask your nearest Novikov restaurant for a recommendation, or scroll down to view our list of the Most Famous Foods.


One of the most famous items on Novikov’s Italian menu is Tiramisu. Tiramisu is an Italian dessert with a coffee flavor.  A whipped cocoa-flavored mascarpone cheese mixture is stacked between layers of dipped ladyfingers in coffee. Numerous types of cakes and other treats have been created using the recipe. Between the Italian regions of Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia, its origins are sometimes questioned.

One serving of Tiramisu contains about 422 kilo calories of energy, 30 grams of fats, 24 grams of carbohydrates, and 5.7 grams of proteins.

Novikov Tiramisu

Peking Duck

A Beijing (Peking) specialty that has been made since the Imperial era is the Peking duck. With authentic variations of the meal providing largely the skin and little flesh, the cook slices the meat in front of the diners, the meat is distinguished by its thin, crispy skin. Ducks raised specifically for the recipe are killed after 65 days, seasoning them, and then roast in a closed or hanging oven. The meat is frequently served with pancakes folded around spring onion, cucumber, and sweet bean sauce. Sometimes there is also pickled radish within. Similar to Peking duck, crispy fragrant duck is a dish that is well-liked in the UK.

Peking duck has 340 calories per serving, 28 grams of fat, 19 grams of protein, and no carbs. The serving size of Peking duck is around 100 grams.

Novikov Peking Duck
Peking Duck

Masala chai

Indian tea called masala chai is produced by boiling black tea with milk and water along with a blend of flavorful herbs and spices. The beverage, which has its roots in India, has spread around the world and is now a staple at many coffee and tea establishments.

One serving of Tiramisu contains about 105 kilo calories of energy, 3.7 grams of fats, 12.2 grams of carbohydrates, and 2.5 grams of proteins.

Novikov Masala chai
Masala chai

About Novikov in the UK

The Novikov Restaurant Group was established in 1992 by chef turned restaurateur Arkady Novikov, who launched his first restaurant in Moscow at a time when the upscale dining sector was just getting started. In and around Moscow, the firm presently operates over 47 concept restaurants with approximately 14,000 employees.

Novikov Menu UK

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