Popeyes Menu with Prices UK 2023

All information regarding Popeyes Menu UK can be found here. Popeyes, the UK’s favorite fried chicken restaurant, is now operating in London! The restaurant has been a fixture in the United States for decades, and now British diners can taste its unique Louisiana-style Foods.

Popeyes Menu UK (October 2023)

Popeyes Menu UK offers a variety of delicious items including chicken sandwiches, signature Louisiana chicken, chicken tenders, hot wings, chicken bites, mixed and sharing boxes, regular sides, and cold drinks at reasonable prices. It is set to make an impression in the UK eating scene with its robust tastes and generous quantities.

The restaurant provides something for everyone, whether you’re searching for a fast lunch or a meal. Come on down and See the Popeyes menu with prices UK for 2023 that we have compiled for you.

Popeyes Special Offers

Menu ItemsPrices
40 Hot Wings£16.99
2 Peri Peri Whole Chicken£16.00
Popeyes Special Offers

Popeyes Meals Menu Prices

Menu ItemsPrices
Chicken Meal£5.19
Combo Meal£5.99
BBQ Wings Meal£5.69
Wings Meal£4.99
Fillet Burger£5.99
Strip Burger£4.69
Steak Burger£4.49
Ringer Burger£5.99
Peri Peri Burger£5.99
Peri Peri Wrap Meal£5.89
Peri Peri Strips£5.79
Peri Peri Wings£5.69
1/4 Grill Chicken£6.99
1/2 Grill Chicken£8.59
Whole Grill Chicken£11.99
1/4 Pounder Meal£5.59
1/2 Pounder Meal£6.69
Maxi Burger Meal£6.89
Tower Burger Meal£6.99
Chicken Wrap£5.49
Family Deal 01£14.99
Family Deal 02£10.99
Family Deal 03£18.99
Popcorn Chicken Meal£4.99
Onion Rings Meal£4.89
Chicken Nuggets Meal£4.99
Chicken Strips Meal£5.49
Veggie Burger Meal£4.99
Popeyes Meals

Popeyes Burgers Menu

Menu ItemsPrices
Chicken Filler Burger£3.49
NEW Strip Burger£2.69
Tower Burger£3.99
Onion Ringer Burger£3.49
Chicken Steak Burger£2.99
1/4 Pounder Burger£3.99
1/2 Pounder Burger£4.49
Maxi Burger£4.89
Veggie Burger£2.69
Peri Peri Fillet Burger£4.99
Popeyes Burger Menu

Just Chicken

Menu ItemsPrices
1 Pc Just Chicken£1.99
2 Pcs Just Chicken£2.49
3 Pcs Just Chicken£3.49
5 Pcs Just Chicken£6.99
10 Pcs Just Chicken£12.99
12 Pcs Just Chicken£14.99
Popeyes Just Chicken Menu

Spicy Wings

Menu ItemsPrices
8 Pcs Spicy Wings£4.99
10 Pcs Spicy Wings£5.99
15 Pcs Spicy Wings£8.49
20 Pcs Spicy Wings£9.99
Popeyes Spicy Wings Menu

Popeyes BBQ Wings

Menu ItemsPrices
6 Pcs BBQ Wings£3.19
12 Pcs BBQ Wings£5.69
Popeyes BBQ Wings

Popeyes Wraps

Menu ItemsPrices
Chicken Wrap£3.99
Veggie Wrap£3.69
Peri Peri Wrap£4.69
Popeyes Wraps Menu

Popeyes Fries

Menu ItemsPrices
Regular Fries£1.99
Large Fries£2.99
Reg Peri Peri Fries£2.69
Large Peri Peri Fries£3.49
Popeyes Fries Menu

Side Orders

Menu ItemsPrices
Onion Rings (10)£2.99
Garlic Bread£3.49
Garlic Bread With Cheese£4.49
Potato Wedges£3.99
Popeyes Sides ORDER

Desserts & Drinks

Menu ItemsPrices
Ben & Jerry’s 465ml£6.99
Can 330ml£1.20
1.5Ltr Bottle£2.99
Coca-Cola Zero Sugar 330ml Can£1.00
Sprite 330ml Can£1.00
Popeyes Desserts & Drinks Menu Prices

Popeyes updated UK menu [Updated October 2023]

Popeyes always care for their customer’s interest and introduce new tastes from time to time to bring their customers back. Popeyes menu has all the iconic menu items that have made the business a favorite in the United Kingdom, such as chicken sandwiches, tenders, fried shrimp, and jambalaya. While certain products may be recognizable to British dining, others will be novel.

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The Popeyes menu in the UK is quite like that seen in the United States. But there are some distinctions, The first distinction is that Popeyes does not provide fried chicken in the United Kingdom. This is due to the fact that fried chicken is not as famous in the UK as it is in the United States.

Popeyes UK instead provides grilled and roasted chicken. Another distinction is that Popeyes UK offers a variety of sides that are not available in the United States. Mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, and green beans are Now available in Popeye’s UK Updated menu.

Black Rooster Updated Menu
Black Rooster Updated Menu

Popeyes chicken sandwich

Popeyes chicken sandwich Is one of the most famous items on Popeye’s UK Menu. In 2019, the restaurant decided to add a new chicken sandwich to its menu, and the buzz was palpable. Everyone wanted to sample Popeyes’ new chicken sandwich, and several locations were sold out before consumers could even get their hands on one. Although the excitement has decreased after two years, many people still regard Popeyes chicken sandwich to be better than other fried chicken fast food companies.

The Popeyes chicken sandwich consists of fried chicken on soft bread. It comes with pickles and mayo, but you can request that they be avoided if you wish. Popeyes also offers a spicy chicken sandwich with spicy chicken and cajun mayo. You will no longer have to wait in a 30-minute line to receive one. Popeyes is a terrific option whether you’re searching for a fast bite or a tasty fried chicken sandwich.

Popeyes chicken sandwich

Chicken Waffle Tenders

Chicken Waffle Tenders are the best-known item on Popeye’s menu in the UK. The buttered waffles with sweet syrup somehow balance the salty, crispy chicken. Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen has combined the two flavors in its Chicken Waffle Tenders.

Chicken Waffle Tenders are created by dipping them in a light waffle batter rather than traditional buttermilk and then deep-frying them. Popeyes preserve a Southern-style conventional taste with a side dip of sweet Honey-Maple sauce, presenting it as a wonderful fast-food dish.

Chicken Waffle Tenders
Chicken Waffle Tenders

About Popeyes

Popeyes has a history and culinary legacy spanning more than 50 years, having been created in 1972. Popeyes was created by Al Copeland, an entrepreneur, and culinary prodigy. With one little restaurant and a big idea, Copeland pioneered the New Orleans-style fried chicken that has since made the brand famous throughout the world.

Popeyes’ culinary tradition is built on Cajun and Creole flavors. We rely on and celebrate our past to develop fresh, innovative menu concepts that the world craves.

Popeyes knew for its New Orleans-style food, which includes spicy chicken, chicken tenders, fried shrimp, and other regional delicacies. Because of its distinctive and scrumptious chicken, Popeyes has risen to become one of the world’s largest chicken fast-food restaurants.

Popeyes Restaurant UK
Popeyes Restaurant UK


What is the average price of a chicken sandwich at Popeyes in the UK?

The price of a chicken sandwich at Popeyes in the UK ranges from £3.99 to £5.99, depending on the specific sandwich and whether it is part of a meal or not.

How much does a meal at Popeyes cost in the UK?

The cost of a meal at Popeyes in the UK varies depending on the specific meal and its size, but generally, a small meal costs around £6.99, a medium meal costs around £8.49, and a large meal costs around £9.99.

Are there any vegetarian options on Popeyes menu in the UK?

Unfortunately, Popeyes does not currently offer any vegetarian options on its menu in the UK. However, they do offer a number of seafood options, including shrimp, fish, and calamari.

How much does a family meal at Popeyes cost in the UK?

The cost of a family meal at Popeyes in the UK varies depending on the specific meal and its size, but generally, a small family meal for 2-3 people costs around £15.99, a medium family meal for 4-5 people costs around £24.99, and a large family meal for 6-8 people costs around £37.99.

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