Tasty Bites Menu Prices in the UK

Tasty Bites menu in the UK is a well-known menu of an Indian restaurant. It is located in the heart of Hampden Park, and serves delicious dinners. They have Indian food specialized chefs, who provide excellent service while also serving nutritious, authentic, freshly prepared Indian cuisine.

Before going to a Tasty Bits restaurant in the UK, you should look over the most recent Tasty Bite menu prices in the UK. We provide you with a mouth-watering and delightful tasty bites menu, as well as the pricing in the United Kingdom.

Picked for you

Menu ItemsPrices
Iced CoffeeGBP 9.00
Aussie BreakfastGBP 24.00
Energy DrinksGBP 6.50
Egg, Bacon and Cheese RollGBP 8.50
Two EggsGBP 11.00

Breakfast Mains

Menu ItemsPrices
Aussie BreakfastGBP 24.00
Egg, Bacon and Cheese RollGBP 8.50
Ham Cheese and Tomato SandwichGBP 7.50
Ham Cheese and Tomato ConstraintsGBP 8.50
Two EggsGBP 11.00
Full BreakfastGBP 15.50
Ham BenedictGBP 16.00
Vegetarian BreakfastGBP 20.00
Krensky RollGBP 11.90
Home made Beef PieGBP 14.00
Chicken Avocado rollGBP 12.90

Roast Meals

Menu ItemsPrices
Chicken ParmigianaGBP 19.00
Beef BurgerGBP 19.00
Krensky BurgerGBP 19.00
Pulled Pork BurgerGBP 19.00
Chicken Parmigiana RollGBP 15.00
Chicken Schnitzel and Chips with GravyGBP 15.00
Chicken BurgerGBP 19.00
Chicken NuggetsGBP 9.00
Loaded FriesGBP 10.50
Krensky RollGBP 11.90
Home made Beef PieGBP 14.00

Side Dishes

Menu ItemsPrices
Tray of ChipsGBP 8.50
WedgesGBP 11.00
Garden Salad on SideGBP 6.00
Small Dim simGBP 1.60
South Melbourne Dim SimGBP 3.20

Cold Drinks

Menu ItemsPrices
Coca Cola ClassicGBP 5.50
Coke No SugarGBP 5.50
Diet CokeGBP 5.50
Vanilla CokeGBP 5.50
Coca Cola VarietiesGBP 3.50
Energy DrinksGBP 6.50
Barista Bros Iced CoffeesGBP 5.50
Fuze Iced Tea VarietiesGBP 5.50
Keri JuiceGBP 5.50
Pump WaterGBP 5.50
Mount Franklin Still WaterGBP 4.00
Mount Franklin Sparkling WaterGBP 5.00
Pepsi MaxGBP 5.50
Pepsi Max CanGBP 3.50


Menu ItemsPrices
Ginger BeerGBP 5.00
Traditional LemonadeGBP 5.00
SarsaparillaGBP 5.00
Lemon Lime and BittersGBP 5.00
Creaming SodaGBP 5.00
Pineapple CoconutsGBP 5.00

Yarraville Juices

Menu ItemsPrices
Orange JuiceGBP 5.50
Apple JuiceGBP 5.50
Blackcurrant JuiceGBP 5.50

Hot Drinks

Menu ItemsPrices
CappuccinoGBP 4.70
LatteGBP 4.70
Flat WhiteGBP 4.70
Long BlackGBP 4.50
Hot ChocolateGBP 4.70
English Breakfast TeaGBP 4.00
Earl Grey TeaGBP 4.00
Peppermint TeaGBP 4.00
Green TeaGBP 4.00
Mixed Berry SmoothieGBP 8.40
Mixed Berry SmoothieGBP 8.40
Strawberry SmoothieGBP 8.40
Mango SmoothieGBP 8.40
Pineapple SmoothieGBP 8.40
Chocolate MilkshakeGBP 8.50
Strawberry MilkshakeGBP 8.50
Banana MilkshakeGBP 8.50
Blue Heaven MilkshakeGBP 8.50
Vanilla MilkshakeGBP 8.50
Caramel MilkshakeGBP 8.50
Iced CoffeeGBP 9.00
Iced ChocolateGBP 8.50

Tasty Bites Updated Menu and prices 2022

Tasty Bites menu items flavour is always a hit, and the team is constantly introducing new flavours to the menu. It is a food drive-through with a twist: the menu is built on the concept of “Tasty Taste,” and it offers a range of flavours that are prepared fresh to order. Tasty Bites is devoted to offering consumers delicious, healthy meal alternatives made using organic products wherever feasible.

You’ll be happy to know that they recently introduced several new varieties to their menu, which will undoubtedly be popular. Here are some recent pictures of the Tasty bits Updated menu, as well as price information.

Famous Tasty Bites menu items

Every restaurant, as you are aware, has a few menu items widely recognized by its customers. As tasty bites are well-known among Indian cuisine fans due to a variety of well-known and delicious Indian food products, below are some of the top tasty bites menus available in the UK. Give us a call if you need help deciding amongst tasty bites’ extensive, delicious menu. Request a recommendation from your local Tasty Bites Chain, or scroll down to see our list of the Most Famous Foods.

Onion Bhaji

A bhaji is a fritter that originated in the Indian subcontinent. It is produced from fiery hot veggies, most typically onion, and comes in a variety of flavours. Onion Bhaji is a delectable onion bhaji fritter made with onion, chickpea (gram) flour, and basic Indian spices. Highly addicting, vegan, and gluten-free onion Bhaji is one of the famous Items on the Tasty bites menu go and grab it now.

Tasty Bites Onion Bhaji
Onion Bhaji


Jalfrezi is a stir-fried curry dish with Bengali roots that is well-known across the Indian subcontinent and beyond. The word “hot-fry” is jalfrezi. A primary component—such as meat, fish, paneer, or vegetables—is stir-fried and served with a thick, hot sauce that contains green chilli peppers. Bell peppers, onions, and tomatoes are frequently used as additional ingredients.

Tasty Bites Jalfrezi

Chicken Tikka

The delicious roasted or grilled chicken dish known as chicken tikka, which is made by marinating small pieces of chicken in a mixture of yoghurt and spices that includes ginger, garlic paste, and red chilli powder, is an essential part of any list of the best Indian street food dishes you must try in the United Kingdom.

Tasty Bites Chicken Tikka
Chicken Tikka

Balti Tikka Masala

Before being served in the traditional round-bottomed balti dish, a balti curry is first cooked over a high flame with spiced fresh meat and vegetables, then cooked again with additional spices. There are numerous methods to make a Balti Tikka Masala, and this one is really fantastic and unforgettable. Tomatoes, yoghurt, cream (or coconut cream), and aromatic spices are usually used in tikka masala sauce. Most restaurants use turmeric, paprika, tomato purée, food colours, and colouring to generate the dish’s vibrant colour, which is often bright red or orange. The chicken pieces are thoroughly covered in the sauce.

Tasty Bites Balti Tikka Masala
Balti Tikka Masala

About Tasty Bites UK

Tasty Bite, a company founded in 1996, produces and sells more than 30 distinct ready-to-eat Indian and pan-Asian food items under the headings of entrees, rice, noodles, and meal inspirations. The products include both conventional Indian fare like Channa Masala and fusion foods like Tofu Corn Masala. The items can be used as a main dish, a side dish, or an entrée dish, and they don’t need to be cooked, preserved, or refrigerated. Products from Tasty Bite are sold in the international/Asian foods section of most of the country’s major grocery stores and are accessible in every state. Mars, Incorporated purchased the majority of Tasty Bite’s parent firm in August 2017.

Tasty Bites
Tasty Bites

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