Dishoom menu And prices in the UK in 2023

Dishoom menu is one of the best Menus in the UK, and it was recently ranked the number one restaurant in the UK, beating out other luxury Celebrity chef restaurants. In the United Kingdom, Dishoom restaurant is well-known for its Cooked Breakfast, Naan Rolls, Salad Plates, Grains & Bread, Veg Side Dishes, Fresh Juice, Frankies & Rolls, Biryani, Bread & Rice, and Ruby Murray.

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Dishoom menu prices UK October 2023

Kindly note that the Dishoom menu prices may vary depending on the specific location within the UK. For the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information, we recommend visiting your nearest Dishoom location or we have arranged the Dishoom menu prices 2023 offered in the UK scroll down and look compiled menu before you visit the restaurant:

Dishroom Fresh of the Tandoor

Menu ItemsPrices
Delhi Papdi Aloo Chaat£8.99
Dynamite Califlower£12.99
Panner Tikka£15.99
Chicken Chicken£15.99
Chilli Chicken£11.99
Amritsari Fish Pakora£11.99
Dishroom Fresh of the Tandoor

Dishoom Tacos

Menu ItemsPrices
Chicken Tacos£11.99
Paneer Tacos£11.99
Lamb Tacos£12.99
Shrimp Tacos£12.99
Dishoom Tacos

Dishoom Fusion Wraps

Menu ItemsPrices
Chickpea Chana Wrap£9.99
Paneer Tikka Wrap£10.99
Chicken Tikka Wrap£10.99
Lamb Wrap£11.99
Dishoom Fusion Wraps

Dishoom Bowl

Menu ItemsPrices
Butter Chicken Bowl£12.99
Chicken Curry Bowl£12.99
Paneer Tikka Bowl£12.99
Chicken Tikka Bowl£12.99
Dishoom Bowl

Dishoom Irresistible Fries

Menu ItemsPrices
Masala Fries£6.59
Loaded Masala Fries£8.99
Dishoom Irresistible Fries

Dishoom Sides

Menu ItemsPrices
Butter Naan£4.00
Garlic Naan£5.00
Raita (4 oz)£5.00
Curry Sauce£5.00
Dishoom Sides

Dishoom Dessert

Menu ItemsPrices
Gulab Jamun£5.00
Ras Malai£6.00
Dishoom Dessert

New Dishoom menu and prices (Updated October 2023)

As you may know, Dishoom is one of the most well-known restaurants in the United Kingdom. There is a reason for this success: the management of Dishoom restaurant regularly refreshes its menu items in order to attract new customers. They just changed their menu and introduced a variety of excellent and appetizing items.

Chili chicken, bhel, ruby chicken, chicken tikka, paneer rolls, Pau bhaji, Roomali rolls, and hot and cold drinks have been added to the Dishoom UK menu. Here are some current photos of New Dishoom menu for 2023 and prices in the United Kingdom.

Dishoom Christmas Menu November 2023

At Cafe, Christmas feasts are celebrated with thaals (large plates) filled with delicious dishes. On the Dishoom Christmas menu, the café serves a variety of dishes including small plates, grills, Biryani, and House Black Daal, as well as outrageously indulgent festive specials. The dishes are served in generous portions and shared among everyone at the table.

Here is the Dishoom Christmas Brekafs Menu in November 2023 in the UK:

Dishoom Vegetarian MenuDishoom Non-Vegetarian Menu
Pau Bhaji (S)(V) ~ Okra Fries (V) ~ Bhel (V)Pau Bhaji (S)(V) ~ Okra Fries (V) ~ Bhel (V)
Murgh Malai ~ Gunpowder Potatoes (V)Paneer Tikka (V) ~ Gunpowder Potatoes (V)
Mattar Paneer (V) ~ Chicken Berry BritanniaMattar Paneer (V) ~ Jackfruit Biryani (V)
Whole turkey leg prepared in the traditional Indian raan style, cooked slowly until meltingly tender. Served with tenderstem broccoli, chilli sprouts, spiced cranberry chutney.Savoury and nicely spiced soy pieces come together with tenderstem broccoli, chilli sprouts and fresh onion salad to comfort and uplift. (V)
A Dishoom signature dish. It is cooked over 24 hours for extra harmony. (V)A Dishoom signature dish. It is cooked over 24 hours for extra harmony. (V)
(we’ll serve as many portions of sides as you like) Naan (V) ~ Roomali Roti (V) ~ Kachumber (V) ~ Raita (V)(we’ll serve as many portions of sides as you like) Naan (V) ~ Roomali Roti (V) ~ Kachumber (V) ~ Raita (V)
Mince Pie Kulfi (V)Mince Pie Kulfi (V)
Dishoom Christmas Menu Uk 2023
Vegan Pau Bhaji (Ve) ~ Okra Fries (Ve) ~ Bhel (Ve)
Vegan Chaap Pineapple Tikka (Ve) ~ Vegan Gunpowder Potatoes (Ve)
Savoury and nicely spiced soy pieces come together with tenderstem broccoli, chilli sprouts and fresh onion salad, all delightfully vegan, to comfort and uplift. (Ve)
Chole (S) (Ve)
(we’ll serve as many portions of sides as you like) Tandori Roti (Ve) ~ Roomali Roti (Ve) ~ Kachumber (Ve) ~ Kala Chana Salad (Ve) ~ Steamed Basmati Rice (Ve)
Kala Khatta Gola Ice (Ve) OR Basmati Kheer (Ve)
Dishoom Christmas menu 2023

Dishoom Breakfast Menu

One of the reasons for the popularity of this restaurant is the Dishoom breakfast menu like bacon naan and cooked breakfast and they are also awarded as the best breakfast and brunch restaurant. They have a lot of delicious and yummy breakfast menu items that’s why people want to join Dishoom restaurant.

Dishoom breakfast items are naan rolls, bread, side orders, cooked breakfast, and hot drinks. Restaurants lovers can eat breakfast from 8 am to 11.45 am.

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Dishoom breakfast 
Dishoom breakfast 

Dishoom bacon naan rolls 

Bacon naan roll is a brilliant dish at Dishoom for breakfast, which makes this restaurant one of the best breakfast restaurant chains. It’s a superb, tasty, and delicious dish that is best for everyone to make a magic breakfast. It is a signature dish for Dishoom restaurants.

The bacon naan is graced with cream cheese, tomato chili jam, and a few rashers of smoked streaky bacon. The ingredients like naan bread, smoked streaky bacon rashers, cream cheese, salt, freshly ground black pepper, fresh coriander, and tomato & chili jam are used to make bacon naan rolls. 

Dishoom bacon naan rolls 
Dishoom bacon naan rolls 

Dishoom ruby chicken curry 

Ruby chicken curry is an Indian-style recipe that is the most usable dish at Dishoom Cafe. It is awesome and very easy to make. A lot of people think it is the best Indian dish in the UK because of its spicy, sweet, savory, and delicious taste.

The ingredients used to make chicken ruby curry are boneless skinless chicken thighs, fresh ginger, garlic cloves, Indian chili powder, tsp ground cumin, tsp ground masala,  natural oil,  greek yogurt, bay leaf, cherry tomatoes,  tbsp butter, heavy cream.

Dishoom ruby chicken curry 
Dishoom ruby chicken curry 

Chicken Tikka masala 

Chicken tikka masala is a classic Indian dish with a spicy, creamy, flavorful, and crazy delicious taste on Dishoom Menu. It is very easy to make. You can make it at home with simple ingredients. The meaning of the word tikka is a piece of chunk and here chicken tikka is chunks of chicken simmered briefly in a delicious and super aromatic tikka masala sauce.

The ingredients used to make chicken tikka masala are skinless boneless chicken thighs, cloves garlic, finely grated, garam masala,  milk yogurt, finely grated ginger, tsp kosher salt, chili powder, freshly ground black pepper, large onion, sliced, tsp ghee, and heavy cream. 

Dishoom Chicken Tikka masala 
Chicken Tikka masala 

About Dishoom restaurant UK 

The founders of the Dishoom are Shamil and Kavi Thakrar as well as Amar and Adarsh Radia. It was founded in 2010 and first opened in Covent Garden London. It is inspired by old Irani cafes in Bombay, India with locations throughout the UK. Their headquarters are in London, United Kingdom, and there are almost eight Dishoom restaurants opened in the UK.

This UK-based restaurant shows the best Indian-style food and is awarded as the best breakfast restaurant in the UK. And this restaurant also offers gift cards and special offers for events. Dishoom menu items prices vary between £1-£11.9.

Dishoom Restaurant
Dishoom Restaurant

What kind of food is available on the Dishoom menu?

Dishoom serves a variety of Indian-inspired dishes, including breakfast items, small plates, mains, and sides. There are vegetarian and non-vegetarian options available, as well as gluten-free and dairy-free options.

How much does an average dish cost at Dishoom?

The prices at Dishoom vary depending on the dish and location, but most mains range from £10 to £15. Small plates and sides are generally less expensive, with prices ranging from £3 to £8.

Is there a special menu for children at Dishoom?

Yes, Dishoom offers a children’s menu with smaller portions and simpler dishes. The menu is suitable for kids under 12, and prices are lower than the main menu items.

Are there any discounts available on Dishoom menu items?

Dishoom offers a few discounts and promotions throughout the year, such as a loyalty program, limited-time menu items, and occasional special events. The best way to stay informed about these discounts is to sign up for Dishoom’s email list or follow them on social media.

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