Sambuca menu and prices in the UK

Here You will find all the information about Sambuca menu Prices and Best Liked Items served in the UK. Since 2001, it has been an established traditional local Italian restaurant with a variety of exquisite meals and regular customers. They provide a diverse menu that includes vegetarian, beef, and seafood options. We also provide a vast assortment of Drinks and beverages.

Sambuca is an Italian restaurant in Edinburgh near the Meadows and Summerhall. All kinds of pasta on the Sambuca Menu are made by hand and made fresh. Before visiting Sambuca restaurant you have to know about its menu. Here is the list of the latest Sambuca menu prices:

Picked for you

Menu ItemsPrices
Carbonara – Regular Portion£6.95
Garlic Bread Cheese£4.50
Bolognese – Regular Portion£6.95


Menu ItemsPrices
King Prawn£7.95
Garlic Bread£3.25
Garlic Bread Tomato£3.50
Garlic Bread Cheese£4.50
King Prawns with Lemon or Garlic£7.95
Crispy Potato Skins£3.50
Black Pudding£6.95
Garlic Mushrooms£4.50
Deep Fried Squid with Garlic Mayo£4.50
Squid Lemon or Garlic£6.50
Squid Spicy Tomato and Chilli£6.50
Bruschetta Tomato, Garlic, Basil and Olives£4.20
Feta cheese salad£4.95
Blue cheese salad£4.95


Menu ItemsPrices
Al Tonno£6.95
Meat Feast£9.95
Pizza Express£9.95
BBQ Chicken£10.95


Menu ItemsPrices
Maramantti – Regular Portion£9.95
Lasagne – Regular Portion£6.95
Arabiata – Regular Portion£6.95
Carbonara – Regular Portion£6.95
Amatriciana – Regular Portion£6.95
Marinara – Regular Portion£7.95
Pasta Sambuca – Regular Portion£6.95
Bolognese – Regular Portion£6.95
Napoli – Regular Portion£6.95
Aglio – Regular Portion£7.95
Fillet Steak Strips – Regular Portion£10.95
Cajun Beef Fillet Strips – Regular Portion£10.95
Pasta Romana – Regular Portion£9.95
Pasta Alfredo – Regular Portion£9.95


Menu ItemsPrices
Spicy Beef Risotto£13.95
Risotto De Caprese£10.95
Pollo Risotto£10.95
Seafood Risotto£13.95


Menu ItemsPrices
Della Casa£10.95
Roast Chicken£10.95
Chicken Pepper£10.95
Pollo Sambuca£10.95
Pollo Alla Crema£10.95
Volcano Chicken£16.95
Chicken Cordon Blu£13.95


Menu ItemsPrices
Grilled Fillet£17.95
Filet Au Poivre£18.95
Fillet Sambuca£18.95
Fillet Stroganoff – Served with Rice)£18.95
Fillet Diana£18.95
Fillet Santana£18.95
Fillet Pizziola£18.95
Fillet Surf and Turf£21.95
Fillet Jambalaya£21.95
Fillet Dolcelatte£18.95


Menu ItemsPrices
Spicy Rice£2.95
Mixed Salad£2.95


Menu ItemsPrices
Chilli Mayo£1.20
Bbq Dips£1.20
Sweet Chilli£1.20


Menu ItemsPrices
Alla Crema£2.95

Steak Special

Menu ItemsPrices
3 Course Steak Specials£20.95


Menu ItemsPrices
Casa De Maia Red Wine£12.00
Birra Moretti£2.85


Menu ItemsPrices
Diet Coke£1.25
J20 Orange£1.50


Menu ItemsPrices
Fudge Cake£3.95
Red Velvet Cake£3.95
Carrot Cake£3.95

Sambuca Updated Menu and prices 2022

The flavour of Sambuca is always a crowd favourite, and the staff is constantly introducing additional flavours to the menu. Sambuca is an Italian restaurant with a unique twist: the menu is built on the concept of “Italian Taste”, and it offers a range of flavours made fresh to request. Sambuca is devoted to providing quality meals produced from organic foods wherever feasible.

You’ll be pleased to learn that they’ve lately introduced a variety of new dishes to their menu, all of which are mouthwatering, delicious and guaranteed to be popular. Here are some recent photos of the Sambuca restaurant’s updated menu, as well as price information.

Sambuca’s best menu items

As you are aware, every restaurant has a few menu items that are well-known to its patrons. Because of a range of well-known and tasty Italian foods, Sambuca is well-known among Italian cuisine aficionados. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular Sambuca meals in the UK.

Please contact us if you want assistance in selecting from Sambuca’s broad and delightful menu, Or you can r Request a recommendation from your local Branch, or scroll down to see a list of Sambuca,s Most Famous Dishes.

Pasta dish

If you are in the UK and want to eat something tasty and healthy a then you must try pasta dishes in Sambuca restaurant in the Uk. Pasta is a type of food that is typically made from an unleavened dough of wheat flour mixed with water or eggs and formed into sheets or other shapes before being boiled or baked. Rice flour or legumes such as beans or lentils are sometimes substituted for wheat flour to produce a different flavour and texture, or as a gluten-free alternative. Pasta is a traditional Italian dish.

Sambuca Pasta dish
Pasta dish

Spaghetti alle vongole

Spaghetti alle vongole is a popular dish throughout Italy, particularly in Campania, where it is a staple of traditional Neapolitan cuisine. Spaghetti alle vongole in the Liguria region of Italy, east of Genoa, means spaghetti with tiny baby clams in the shell, no more significant than the size of a thumbnail, in a white wine/garlic sauce. Linguine, rather than spaghetti, can be used for pasta.

Sambuca Spaghetti alle vongole
Spaghetti alle vongole


GnocchiIs favourite item on the menu of Sambuca restaurant. These are small pasta dumplings cooked from wheat, eggs, and potatoes. They are a substantial and unusual form of pasta with a gently thick structure and potato taste. Gnocchi has been a popular variety of pasta in Italy since Roman times.

About Sambuca

Sambuca is one of the most well-known and rapidly expanding restaurant chains in the North East. They have restaurants all over the North East, including many on the Quayside, in Eldon Garden, Forest Hall, Heaton Park, North Shields, and Blyth.

They are well-known for their affordable hearty Italian cuisine and have locations in Sunderland, Chester-le-Street, South Shields, and Peterlee. And another one is on the way to Trinity Square in Gateshead, where the new restaurant will take over the space formerly occupied by Frankie and Benny’s, right next to Nando’s and the Vue cinema.

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