Bills menu with prices in the UK 2023

Here you will find all the information about the Bills Menu with Prices served in UK. Bill is a well-known restaurant in the UK from where you can enjoy their different varieties and all the details about Bills menu, pricing, and top products. With Tapas Style Starters, Ribs, Fish, Vegetarian & Vegan, Chicken, Burgers, On the Side, Salad Bar, Desserts, Kids, and Drinks, Bills restaurant in the United Kingdom offers a variety of menus. The workers of the restaurant give respect to their customers and try to fulfill their requirements.

All of the items on their menu are made using quality ingredients and then cooked and grilled to perfection. To ensure that their consumers like each meal on the menu, their chefs spend hours enhancing its flavors and aromas.

Bills menu prices UK October 2023

Keep in mind that the menu prices at Bills may vary by location within the UK. For the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information, we recommend visiting your nearest Bills restaurant. They will provide you with the latest pricing details and ensure you have the most current information regarding their menu prices in the UK.

But No need to worry we have compiled a list of the latest Bills menu price below:-

Picked for you

Menu ItemsPrices
Campo Viejo Tempranillo 187ml£4.99
Peroni 620ml£4.99
Haagen Dazs Salted Caramel 460ml£8.99
Highland Sparkling 1.5 Litre£2.99
Free Range 6 Large£2.99

Bills Vodka

Menu ItemsPrices
Smirnoff 1 Litre£36.99
Smirnoff 70cl£25.99
Smirnoff 35cl£14.99
Smirnoff Apple 70cl£28.99
Glens 70cl£23.99
Glens 35cl£13.99
Absolut 70cl£33.99
Russian Standard 70cl£28.99
Russian Standard 35cl£14.99
Ciroc Vodka 70cl£54.99
Ciroc Pineapple 70cl£54.99
Ciroc Red Berry 70cl£54.99
Ciroc Mango 70cl£54.99
Grey Goose 70cl£64.99
Bills Vodka

Bills Cognac Menu

Menu ItemsPrices
Hennessy Vs 70cl£69.99
Hennessy Vs 35cl£39.99
Courvoisier Vs 70cl£54.99
Courvoisier Vs 35cl£29.99
Three Barrel Vs 70cl£29.99
E & J 70cl£34.99
E & J 35cl£19.99
Bills Cognac Menu

Rum at Bills Menu

Menu ItemsPrices
Bacardi 1litre£36.99
Bacardi 70cl£27.99
Bacardi 35cl£16.99
Captain Morgan Spice 1litre£38.99
Captain Morgan Spice 70cl£27.99
Captain Morgan Spice 35cl£16.99
Captain Morgan Dark 70cl£29.99
Captain Morgan Dark 35cl£18.99
Wray & Nephew 70cl£54.99
Wray & Nephew 35cl£34.99
Malibu 1litre£36.99
Malibu 70cl£28.99
Malibu 35cl£16.99
Sailor Jerry Spice Rum 70cl£29.99
Bills Rum Menu

Gin at Bills Menu

Menu ItemsPrices
Gordon London Dry Gin 1 Litre£36.99
Gordon London Dry Gin 70cl£25.99
Gordon London Dry Gin 35cl£15.99
Gordon Pink 70cl£28.99
Gordon Pink 35cl£18.99
Bombay Sapphire 1 Litre£49.99
Bombay Sapphire 70cl£38.99
Tanqueray 70cl£38.99
Hendricks 70cl£59.99
Bills Gin Menu

Champagne at Bills Menu

Menu ItemsPrices
Moet & Chandon 70cl£69.99
Bollinger Special Cuvee 70cl£79.99
Veuve Clicquot Brut 70cl£79.99
Bills Champagne Menu

Bills Prosecco Menu

Menu ItemsPrices
Canti Prosecco 11% 75cl£21.99
I Hreat Prosecco 11% 75cl£19.99
Bills Prosecco Menu

Tequila at Bills Menu

Menu ItemsPrices
Sierra Silver 50cl£34.99
Sierra Reposado Gold 50cl£34.99
Tequila Rose Strawberry 50cl£34.99
Bills Tequila Menu

Bills Spirits & Liqueur

Menu ItemsPrices
Jägermeister 70cl£37.99
Jägermeister 35cl£24.99
Disaronno 70cl£37.99
Disaronno 50cl£28.99
Kahlua Coffee Liqueur 70cl£33.99
Campari 70cl£33.99
Baileys Irish Cream 1litre£36.99
Baileys Irish Cream 70cl£26.99
Baileys Irish Cream 35cl£16.99
Luxardo Sambuca Dei Cesari 70cl£36.99
Bills Spirits & Liqueur

Bills Ales Bottles

Menu ItemsPrices
Twickenham Ale Naked Lady£4.99
London Pride 500ml£4.49
Honey Dew 500ml£4.49
Doom Bar 500ml£3.99
Atlantic 500ml£3.99
Indian Pale Ale 500ml£4.99
Bills Ales Bottles

Ciders At Bills Menu

Menu ItemsPrices
Rekorderlig Premium Wild Berry Cider 500ml Bottle£4.49
Rekorderlig Strawberry-Lime 500ml Bottle£4.49
Rekorderlig Mango-Raspberry 500ml Bottle£4.49
Kopparberg Strawberry & Lime 500ml Bottle£4.49
Kopparberg Mixed Fruit 500ml Bottle£4.49
Henry Weston Oak Aged Vintage Cider 500ml Bottle£3.99
Aspall Suffolk Premier Cru Cyder 500ml Bottle£4.99
Bulmers Original 500ml Bottle£3.49
Bills Ciders Menu

Premixed Drinks Cans at Bills menu

Menu ItemsPrices
Gordon Gin & Tonic 250ml£2.99
Gordon Gin & Diet Tonic 250ml£2.99
Gordon Pink Gin & Tonic 250ml£2.99
Smirnoff Vodka & Cranberry 250ml£2.99
Captain Morgan Spice Rum & Cola 250ml£2.99
Jack Daniels Whiskey & Cola 330ml£3.99
Premixed Drinks Cans

Squash & Mixers

Menu ItemsPrices
Schweppes 1 Litre Tonic Water£3.49
Schweppes 1 Litre Slimline£3.49
Schweppes 1 Litre Soda£3.49
Schweppes 1 Litre Gingerale£3.49
Fever Tree 500ml Tonic Water£3.99
Rose Lime Juice Cordial 1lt£4.99
Ribena Blackcurrant Cordial 600ml£3.49
Robinsons Orange Squash 900ml£2.99
Robinsons Apple & Blackcurrant Squash 900ml£2.99
Vimto Mixed Fruit Squash 725ml£2.99
Squash & Mixers

Soft Drink & Water

Menu ItemsPrices
Coke 1.75 Litre£3.99
Diet Coke 1.75 Litre£3.49
Coke Zero 1.75 Litre£3.49
Fanta Orange 2 Litre£3.49
Fanta Twist 2 Litre£3.49
Sprite 2 Lire£3.49
7up Free 2 Lire£3.49
R White 2litre£3.49
R White Diet 2litre£3.49
Pepsi Max 2 Litre£3.49
Highland Sparkling 1.5 Litre£2.99
Evian 1.5 Litre£2.99
Soft Drink & Water

Bills Juice Menu

Menu ItemsPrices
Sun Exotic Tropical Fruit 1lt£2.50
Sun Exotic Pineapple & Coconut 1lt£2.50
Just Juice Orange 1lt£2.50
Just Juice Apple 1lt£2.50
Just Juice Pineapple 1lt£2.50
Just Juice Tomato 1lt£2.50
Rubicon Mango 1lt£2.50
Ribena Blackcurrant 1lt£2.50
Ocean Spray Cranberry Classic 1lt£2.99
Tropicana Smooth Orange 850ml£3.99
Bills Juice Menu

New Bills menu (Updated October 2023)

Bills always keep its menu updated by introducing new menu items on their menu. Their researchers periodically add new tastes to their menu in order to keep their customers coming back since they are continually striving to provide the finest for their clients. You’ll enjoy the additional varieties they recently added to their menu.

New Bills Updated Menu
New Bills Updated Menu

Bill’s famous menu items

You are aware that every restaurant has a few menu items that are particularly well-liked by its customers. For instance, Bills menu is well-known among foodies because of its extensive selection of popular and delectable cuisine. The top Bills dinners in the UK are listed here. Also, check the latest Five Guys menu UK 2023.

If you need help choosing something delicious from the extensive and mouthwatering Bills menu. Request a suggestion from Bills restaurant, or scroll down to see our list of the Top Famous Foods on Bills menu.

Crispy Chicken & Egg

If you are in the UK and feeling hungry and want to eat something delicious and crispy you should try Crispy Chicken and Egg offered on the Bills menu Uk. fried egg, parmesan cheese, and pea shoots are added to a crispy crumbed chicken breast. accompanied by a celeriac slaw. It is liked by most of its customers because they prepare all of its products using fresh and healthy ingredients.

Bill Crispy Chicken & Egg
Crispy Chicken & Egg

Steak and Eggs 

Beefsteak and eggs are the main components of the meal known as steak and eggs. Most frequently, it is offered as a breakfast or brunch item on Bills menu UK.

One serving of Steak and Egg contains about 830 kilo calories of energy, 24 grams of fats, 0 grams of carbohydrates, and 48 grams of proteins.

Bill Steak and Eggs 
Steak and Eggs

Macaroni Cheese

Macaroni Cheese is one of the famous item of Bills Menu in UK.

A dish of cooked macaroni pasta with a cheese sauce, most frequently cheese, is known as macaroni and cheese, also known as mac and cheese in the United States, and macaroni cheese in the United Kingdom. It may also contain other components like meat or breadcrumbs.

Traditional macaroni and cheese are made as a casserole and cooked in the oven, but they may also be made using a boxed mix or in a saucepan on top of the stove. It is common practice to add the cheese to a Bechamel sauce first to make a Mornay sauce, which is then put into the pasta. It is regarded as comfort food in the US.

One serving of Macaroni Cheese contains about 860 kilo calories of energy, 42 grams of fats, 88 grams of carbohydrates, and 38 grams of proteins.

Bill Macaroni Cheese
Macaroni Cheese

About Bills Restaurant in the UK

Bill Collison created the British restaurant and bar business Bill’s in 2001 after starting a small greengrocery in Lewes, East Sussex. In the UK, there are 78 branches as of January 2020, down from 81 in September 2018. In an effort to diversify its menu in light of the surge in-home delivery, Bill’s introduced a takeaway and “click and collect” service.

Lewes, East Sussex, saw the establishment of the first restaurant. The establishment initially started off as a greengrocer’s, but following a flood, a café was built. The number of restaurants serving locally produced food and offering breakfast, lunch, dinner, and teatime menus has increased across the UK as a result.

Bill’s Restaurant

What type of food do Bills serve?

Bills serve a variety of British and international dishes, including breakfast items, salads, sandwiches, and main courses. They also offer vegetarian and gluten-free options.

Are there any set menu options at Bills?

Yes, Bills offers a set menu that changes seasonally and features a variety of dishes to choose from, including appetizers, main courses, and desserts.

Are there any special deals or promotions available at Bills?

Yes, Bills offers various promotions and special deals, such as set menu options, early bird discounts, and more. Check their website or social media pages for the latest offers.

Is there outdoor seating available at Bills?

Yes, some Bills locations have outdoor seating, such as terraces and patios, for customers to enjoy their food and drinks in the fresh air. Availability may vary by location.

Bills Contact Information

Do you want to contact with Bills UK restaurant team? Must contact them through the following social media sources:

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