Papa Johns menu prices UK 2023

Papa Johns menu UK is the most famous pizza where you can find a variety of pizzas, including classic options such as pepperoni and Margherita, as well as specialty pizzas like the Meat Feast and the BBQ Americano. They also have a range of sides, including chicken wings, garlic bread, and potato wedges. Want to enjoy delicious pizza must check the latest Pizza Hut menu UK.

In addition to pizza, on their menu, you can enjoy desserts including chocolate fudge cake and cookie dough at reasonable prices. On Papa Johns menu you can also get delicious dipping sauces and salads. Customers can order online or by phone for delivery or carry-out.

Papa Johns prices UK October 2023

Embark on a flavor-filled journey at Papa John’s. While prices may vary across their UK locations, their commitment to quality remains constant. Visit your nearest Papa John’s or check their website/app for the perfect price on their delicious pizzas. But don’t worry we have tried our best and arranged a list of the latest Papa Johns menu prices UK for 2023. Discover a taste experience that’s uniquely yours. Enjoy!

Papa Johns Menu UK

Double Pepperoni£22.79
Cheese & Tomato£20.79
Garlic Cheese Sticks£7.99
Hot Buffalo Wings£8.49
Giant Choc Chip Cookie£8.49
Papa Johns Picked for you

Papa Johns Pizza Menu

BBQ Meat Feast£23.79
Jackfruit “Pepperoni”£22.79
The Works£22.79
The Greek£23.79
Sausage & Pepperoni£23.79
Double Pepperoni£22.79
The Mexican£22.79
Chicken Club£22.79
BBQ Chicken Classic£22.79
American Hot£21.79
All the Meats™£23.79
Cheese & Tomato£20.79
Garden Party£21.79
The Vegan Works£22.79
Vegan Cheese Garden Party£21.79
Vegan Cheese & Tomato£20.79
Chicken Fajita£22.79
Philly Cheesesteak£23.79
Papa Johns Pizza Menu

Papa Johns Papadias Menu

Vegan Philly Mushroom Papadia 🌱£7.24
Philly Mushroom Papadia£7.24
Philly Cheesesteak Papadia£7.74
Italian Sausage & Pepperoni Papadia£7.24
BBQ Chicken & Bacon Papadia£7.74
Papa Johns Papadias Menu

Papa Johns Sides Menu

Hot Piri Piri Chicken Poppers£8.49
Chicken Poppers£8.49
Hot Buffalo Wings£8.49
Plain Roasted Chicken Wings£8.49
BBQ Chicken Wings£8.49
Cauliflower Wings£7.49
Cheesy Jalapeño Bites£7.49
Not-Chicken Vegan Bites 🌱£8.49
Garlic Pizza Sticks£7.49
Garlic Cheese Sticks£7.99
Bacon Cheese Sticks£8.49
4 Cheese Garlic Sticks£8.49
Potato Tots with Four Cheeses£7.49
Vegan Cheese Potato Tots with Jalapeño 🌱£8.49
Vegan Cheese Potato Tots 🌱£8.49
Potato Tots£6.99
Cheesy Potato Tots with Bacon£8.49
Papa Johns Sides Menu

Papa Johns Desserts Menu

Giant Choc Chip Cookie£8.49
Giant Double Chocolate Brownie£8.49
Cookie Dough – Ben & Jerry’s™£7.49
Chocolate Fudge Brownie – Ben & Jerry’s™£7.49
Save Our Swirled NOW – Non-dairy – Ben & Jerry’s™£7.49
Cookie Dough – Non-dairy – Ben & Jerry’s™£7.49
Papa Johns Desserts Menu

Papa Johns Drinks Menu

Pepsi Max No Sugar Cola Bottle, 1.5L£2.89
7UP Free Lemon & Lime Bottle, 1.5L£2.89
Tango Orange Bottle, 1.5L£2.89
Pepsi Cola Bottle, 1.5L£3.25
Tango Orange Bottle, 500ml£2.19
Pepsi Max No Sugar Cola Bottle, 500ml£2.19
Ballygowan Still Water Bottle, 500ml£2.19
Pepsi Cola Bottle, 500ml£2.31
Pepsi Max Cherry No Sugar Cola Bottle, 500ml£2.19
Robinsons Real Fruit Raspberry & Apple£2.19
Rockstar Original Sugar-Free£2.19
Papa Johns Drinks Menu

Papa Johns Dips Menu

Special Garlic Dip£0.69
Tomato & Herb Dip£0.69
Hot Buffalo Dip£0.69
Papa Johns Dips Menu

Papa Johns Updated menu

Papa Johns is a well-known food brand that not only focuses on providing high-quality pizza but also takes into account the preferences and tastes of its customers. Recently, Papa Johns updated its menu and prices in the United Kingdom, offering a wide variety of options to suit different tastes and budgets. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic pepperoni pizza or a gourmet option like the Tuscan Six Cheese, Papa Johns has something for everyone.

Additionally, Papa Johns also offers a range of sides, desserts, and drinks to complement your meal. With its commitment to quality ingredients and customer satisfaction, it continues to be a popular choice for pizza lovers. We have displayed pictures of  Papa Johns updated menu and prices in UK.

Papa Johns Updated menu
Papa Johns Updated menu

Papa Johns famous menu Items

Like other famous brands, Papa Johns also has some special items that are fan favorites. We know it’s difficult to choose from Papa Johns menu, so let us offer you a helping hand to choose your favorite dish. We have compiled a list of famous items available on the Papa Johns UK menu. Have a look at the options and make your choice with confidence. 

Papa Johns pizza

Papa Johns offers a variety of pizza options. They use high-quality ingredients, including fresh-packed tomato sauce, meats that are never frozen, and 100% real cheese. They offer both classic and specialty pizzas, such as Pepperoni, Margherita, Meat Feast, and BBQ Steak.

They also have a selection of toppings that customers can add to their pizzas, such as extra cheese, mushrooms, and jalapenos. Papa Johns pizzas are known for their fresh and flavorful taste and are made to order with care and attention to detail. Whether you prefer a classic pizza or something more unique, Papa John’s has a pizza for every taste.

Papa Johns pizza
Papa Johns pizza

Papa Johns Pepperoni pizza

Papa John’s Pepperoni pizza is a classic and a favorite among customers. It is made with high-quality ingredients, including fresh-packed tomato sauce, meats that are never frozen, and 100% real cheese. It is topped with a generous amount of pepperoni and mozzarella cheese. The pepperoni used in Papa John’s pizza is specially made for them, it is a blend of pork, beef and spices that give it a unique taste.

The pizza crust is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, making for the perfect texture. The pepperoni pizza is also available in different sizes, so you can order the size that best suits your appetite. It’s a perfect choice for pepperoni lovers and those looking for a classic pizza option.

Papa John's Pepperoni pizza
Papa John’s Pepperoni pizza

All the Meats Papa johns

Papa Johns offers a variety of meat toppings for their pizzas, including pepperoni, sausage, bacon, ham, and ground beef. These meats can be added to any of their pizza options, such as their Original, Garden Fresh, or Meat Lover’s pizzas.

Additionally, they also offer a selection of specialty pizzas that feature a combination of meats, such as the Meat Lover’s or the Bacon Cheddarburger pizza. Papa John’s also offers the options of halal meat toppings, chicken, and beef. All meats are freshly prepared and cooked to perfection for a delicious taste.

All the Meats Papa johns
All the Meats Papa johns

Papa Johns Hawaiian pizza

Papa Johns Hawaiian pizza is a popular menu item at the pizza chain. The pizza features a classic tomato sauce base and is topped with mozzarella cheese, pineapple, and Canadian bacon or ham. The combination of sweet pineapple and salty Canadian bacon or ham creates a unique and delicious flavor that many customers enjoy.

The pizza is available for both delivery and carryout and can be easily ordered online or by phone. Papa John’s is famous for using high-quality ingredients and the Hawaiian pizza is no exception, the pizza is made with 100% real mozzarella cheese and is always fresh. If you’re a fan of sweet and savory pizza, Papa Johns Hawaiian pizza is definitely worth trying.

Papa John's Hawaiian pizza
Papa John’s Hawaiian pizza

Papa Johns FAQs

How many Papa Johns outlets are in the UK?

Papa Johns has 450 outlets in the UK from where you can enjoy their delicious pizzas and other meals.

Is Papa Johns Halal in the UK?

No, some of its items are Halal in the UK. According to the owner of Papa Johns “Unfortunately we’re unable to guarantee any of our products to be Halal“.

How big is Papa Johns xXl pizza?

Papa Johns XXL Pizza is 15.5″ large and you can get it for only £20.45
Papa John’s XXL Pizza

How much is a Papa John’s large pepperoni pizza?

Pepperoni (Original)

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